In Episode 28 of the MLHS Podcast, Ian and Anthony are joined by three of the original PPP crew (@mlse, @GoddTill, & @dannyd1976) to discuss the storylines entering a new Leafs season, the challenge of getting fully reinvested into the upcoming regular season, the big question marks facing the team in 2021-22, media coverage of the Dubas-era Leafs, and much more.

Episode Overview

  • Are there any storylines worth caring about in training camp? What are the battles (and who are the players) to watch? (3:30)
  • Should we feel better or worse about the roster this season versus last year? Who among the new additions has the best chance of outperforming their contract? (12:00)
  • How much have the repeated playoff failures eroded your desire to fully invest in this regular season? (21:00)
  • What went wrong with Mitch Marner last playoffs? (Relevant clip) (34:30)
  • How do we derive meaning out of what happens in the regular season? (39:20)
  • How do the Leafs address their hugely disappointing power play? (43:00)
  • Is Sheldon Keefe really calling the shots on TOI distribution and PP decisions? Where did he get it wrong in the playoffs? (45:50)
  • Does the media in Toronto cover the team (and Kyle Dubas) critically enough? (56:00)
  • The story behind Julian owning the @mlse Twitter handle and MLSE’s sad attempt to acquire it (1:07:03)