Sheldon Keefe, Toronto Maple Leafs
Sheldon Keefe, Toronto Maple Leafs

Sheldon Keefe addressed the media after his team’s 5-4 shootout win over the Ottawa Senators which improved the Leafs’ record to 42-18-9.

On his feeling on the bench during the long shootout:

I don’t know. I was just ready to go home.

On whether there is a plan for the order of the shooters:

When you get that deep, not really. It is more just based on feel.

On the team finding a way to win despite a slow start through 25 minutes:

In the first five minutes of the second period, they came really hard at us. I thought our guys did a good job of staying with it. The pace was really high tonight.

Credit to Ottawa. They came out really hard. They shot the puck from everywhere. They had us on our heels.

At about the five-minute mark of the second period, I thought our guys really found their game and kind of settled in. Obviously, we built ourselves a lead and put ourselves in a good spot.

I liked a lot about our third period — a lot about it. I thought we defended well. Just one slot shot against at even-strength, but it was a big one that we gave up and it allowed them to get that 4-3 goal.

We took penalties that put us in a bad spot. It was a back-to-back against a desperate team on the other side on the road. To get four points out of four here is good for our team.

On whether it is a confidence-building win for Matt Murray:

I am sure it is going to do a lot for his confidence. He was busy. We had been talking about how he hasn’t been busy enough in terms of the workload. Even in the games he has played of late, I think he has done a good job.

He hasn’t gotten enough of the perimeter type of shots to really get engaged in a game with a proper workload and to inflate his numbers at the same time. It was probably good for that.

Somebody in the building here… He must have been nice to someone because he got about 10 bonus saves out of this one tonight. No question, they threw a lot at him. There was a lot of traffic at the same time. He handled it very well.

On whether he was aware in real-time of the offside on the initial 4-4 tying goal:

In real-time, I wasn’t, but the guys in the back — Jordan Bean — were all over it. It was communicated to Manny that we wanted to buy a second to be sure. It didn’t take long before we were certain.

On Calle Jarnkrok’s performance:

Just outstanding. To me, he has been great all season, but it seems like it has gone to another level.

He has moved around and played with different people throughout the season in different positions. He hasn’t spent a lot of time with Auston. It is something we wanted to get a look at.

He has been terrific both in his own play and in what he has generated but also in how he has facilitated for his linemates — Auston, in particular. It was something we wanted to continue with today.

Auston felt strongly about continuing with it as well. Both of those guys were terrific and were rewarded for it.

On whether it is difficult managing the rotation with so many defensemen healthy and available: 

To be honest, we have had discussions with all of our defense leading into this weekend and just going down the stretch. There are going to be times when guys are going to get time off whether it is bumps and bruises and rest or workload.

Guys are going to be coming out to give them some time. While we are healthy here, we want to keep everybody involved.

The work was done in advance of that. The guys took it really well. Gustafsson, to me, was coming off of his best game last night. The plan going in was to have him come out today. We decided to stay with it. It was tough because he played well.

We have had the conversation with all of our D that situations like this will come up.

On the performances of Bobby McMann and Wayne Simmonds in very limited ice time:

Wayne gave us a ton of energy. He was very physical. I thought he did a good job. He hadn’t played in a long time. This game was flying at 100 miles an hour. He did a good job.

Bobby — same thing. Not a lot of ice, but I thought he skated. He had a couple of good contacts and got into a couple of good spots. He had one grade-A scoring chance. Will did a really good job to set him up. It didn’t go in for him, but the fact that he is putting himself in that spot is good.

To that end, I liked what we got from those guys.

On Noel Acciari’s status after the injury on Friday night:

I was told he had a good day today. We will see exactly what that means when we get back. We have a day off tomorrow. We will be back in on Monday to see where he is at.

I was told that it was a positive today. He was working out and exercising. He hasn’t been diagnosed with a concussion or anything like that. Positive news there.