As hockey fans we often try to sort out trade rumors from various sources to see if they’re legit. For me it’s pretty simple, if one of the major insiders report it, I’ll buy it. Until today I’ve yet to see a real reporter blatantly say that Rick Nash is on the trade market, but now that’s a reality.

Renaud Lavoie from RDS was the first to toss out the Nash rumor last night, suggesting two teams are interested (I’m assuming now there may be 29). Since then many others have weighed in.

From Darren Dreger;

Further to RDS story on Nash last night, sources say the Blue Jackets are open to anything that will help their team longterm.

Harder we dig, the more info that is beginning to surface re: Nash availability.

Then Pierre Lebrun chipped in with this;

Absolutely fascinating to see how things have shifted in Columbus re: Rick Nash’s potential availability..

I’m not sure what to think as a Leafs fan. I’m assuming that Burke will at least step in and test the waters, why wouldn’t he?

Nash’s cap hit scares off a lot of people, at  7.8 million until 2018, he’s a big ticket ( Luckily he’s a big ticket on the ice as well, something Burke has said he’d like to add to his forward group. No need to panic, even if the Leafs‘ GM was to throw an offer out there, he’ll be smart about it. Many folks have mentioned the Rangers as players in these sweepstakes as well, so you know they’ll go a little too crazy in the bidding if that’s true. Nash has a no-trade clause that he will have to waive in order to be moved, meaning he can deny getting traded to the Edmonton Oilers, thankfully.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. What looked like a potential disaster of a trade deadline (from an entertainment perspective) seems to be switching gears. One thing about this Nash story that interests me is that I feel Howson will want to cut ties with Carter as well if he’s truly blowing up that team. Keep an eye on this.

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