Leafs re-sign Tyler Bozak for 5 years, $21 million (4.2 AAV); sign Clarkson for 7 years, 36.75 (5.25 AAV)


The Leafs extended their relationship with center Tyler Bozak and signed winger David Clarkson from Free Agency. Bozak’s new deal is a 5-year, $21M deal while Clarkson comes in on a 7-year contract worth just north of $5M per over that span. Clarkson’s contract includes limited No-Trade and No-Movement clauses.

We all know what Bozak brings, and, in my mind, it’s nowhere close to the term and contract value received. As for Clarkson, it’s an overpayment yes, one that doesn’t worry me so much; not because of him not really being a true 30 goal scorer, but because he’s a player who does numerous other things to help your team.

David has a solid frame and plays a hard nosed game. He can defend teammates and is a dangerous offensive player on both wings. Clarkson can create havoc when utilized up close on the powerplay. He’s strong on the cycle, he provides net presence and can finish in tight. The Leafs needed a forward like him.

BUT. It’s the term on the contract is what I find most baffling. Clarkson is 29 years old, and even if he can continue to play on the level shown during the last two years (45 goals in 128 games, 216 PIMs in that span) he probably won’t be at that level for even 2/3 of the contract duration.

While Clarkson is an upgrade on MacAthur, MacArthur just went to Ottawa for 3.25 million for 2 years. Make of it what you will.


  • pagelite

    5 Years WTF????? Better not be over 5 mi

  • Loric76

    lets wait and see what the deal is before we freak

    • tmlfan

      Loric76 this

    • Eye of the Tiger

      Loric76 slacker… freak now..

  • Black_Hawk

    Solid imo

  • KurtWhite

    my nightmares coming true


    all 471 listeners need to come here, now lol

  • tmlfan

    Leafs finishing up on Bozak. 5 yrs under $4.5 per. Toronto also waiting for work from Clarkson on a 7 year offer. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23TSN&src=hash

    • Black_Hawk

      tmlfan fuck you dreger

    • Araujo_DirtyAM

      tmlfan 7yrs/35 mil is what i called to my buddys

    • tmlfan

      7 YEARS? you sign franchise players to 7 year deals…. not David Clarkson… ffs

      • 2minutes

        It’s UFA day, all your wildest dreams and desires are met!

    • 2minutes

      And boom goes the dynamite!

  • darthNihilus

    We’ll survive- we always have.

  • http://i.imgur.com/MyKj5C3.gif ingy56

    Is that the Garrioch twins behind Bozak?

  • Maneet4

    under $4.5 million for bozo the clown

  • newkb

    Yay to mediocrity!!