UFA Day Open Thread


Here we go.

David Clarkson.. Stephen Weiss.. talk of 6 million dollars a year.. Tyler Bozak and his ludicrous contract demands.. Someone hold me.

Realistically, the Leafs will not be able to upgrade at center on the recently-bought-out Mikhail Grabovski via the free agent market. Dave Nonis, hopefully, has something better than Weiss or Bozak up his sleeve via trade. That will take time, and that’s fine. I’m worried but I can wait.

I would like to see Nonis make a clever add to the defence. Rob Scuderi is an interesting possibility on the backend (one that has been discussed for weeks now). He’s a right-handed vet who logged 21 minutes a game for LA last season (23 in the playoffs). If you believe 30-minutes-ago Dreger he’s coming to the Leafs. If you believe 15-minutes-ago Dreger he’s going back to Pittsburgh.

If Clarkson can be had at a reasonable price, I’ve already talked about how he would fill a need up front. Two Mimico boys, Bolland and Clarkson, united on the Leafs, with ‘Grababvski’ sent packing – It’d be a Don Cherry wetdream.

James Mirtle says we can expect to see a few RFAs re-signed today.

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      Radar O’Rielly all I get is spam when i try to view this.. keeps telling me to update my media player

  • Tim Horton

    Its probably going to be Penner and Redden then call it a day

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      Tim Horton STFU!

    • Loric76

      Tim Horton Wellwood & Coliacovo?

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        Loric76 Tim Horton You can fuck right off!

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          Radar O’Rielly Loric76 Tim Horton lol

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    Is Stastny a Leaf yet??

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      Bon Scott was a Leaf fan We had him.  Marion.  It was so awesome.  That lightning can’t strike twice.

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    TheCanucksnaphook Please god no.Be free Bozak be free!

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      ProfessorRance TheCanucksnaphook  
      free Bozie!!

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    TheCanucksnaphook This good or bad?  Guess depends on what he’s asking for.

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    TheCanucksnaphook bye bye

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    Cox, nobody gives a shit about wimbledon!

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      Radar O’Rielly I just found out this year it wasn’t wimbleton 😉

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    TheCanucksnaphook and they tripped