Maple Leafs Hot Stove Hangout – Episode #5


We are joined by goalie coach and writer for InGoal magazine, Elias Rassi.

First part of the show is a discussion on Bernier vs Reimer.


– Rielly
– Kadri
– The “Spinorama” shootout move

and much more.

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    Lovin’ these hangouts!!

  • TuckerForPunishment

    Are Chan and Stevens even breathing? lol Great mimes think alike.

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    He’s vapin’.

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    Over time the players will play differently in front of Reims / Bernier.

  • mORRganRielly

    TheCanucksnaphook He’s uhhh… dipping into his personal stash.

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    Haha….Stephens coming right to the point.  I like it!!

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    I think morgan rielly showed flashes of his abilities last game. There was a point in the match where it looked like Carlyle unleashed him and let him do his thing

  • TuckerForPunishment

    Bon Scott was a Leaf fan TheCanucksnaphook 
    At 12:50 of the vid you can hear him taking a hit.  Thats why he looks like a mime.  He has a still photo in front of his web cam so no one will notice.  Forgot to press mute.

  • TuckerForPunishment

    TheCanucksnaphook Has he even blinked yet?

  • TuckerForPunishment

    TheCanucksnaphook TuckerForPunishment He’s freaking me out.  Kinda creepy.