Noon Mashup: Deep in the heart of Texas

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The Leafs made a minor league deal last night, sending Andrew Crescenzi to the LA Kings affiliate in Manchester in exchange for Brandon Kozun. Crescenzi was an undrafted rookie camp invitee who brought size and had played well enough to earn a contract with the organization, but he was a low-scoring defensively oriented centre. Kozun is a smaller offensively inclined winger, that will – worst case scenario – improve a Marlies attack with just two forwards on the roster with ten goals. Hard to declare a deal of this magnitude a win, but it also provides some SPC flexibility at the end of the year when Kozun’s contract expires.

As far as the big club goes, things are clicking along as well as they have been in a long time. The top line is producing, some secondary offence is coming from the other forwards and also the back end, while Bernier and Reimer are providing a good chance for the team to win when they aren’t stealing games outright. Pretty well every team below the Leafs in the wildcard race won last night, but if your eyes are set on a higher prize, the Habs lost one of their games in hand – handily, to the Penguins – and the two teams still sit tied on 59 points.

We’re now within 30 games of the end of the season and each game will start to feel a little more important and the points more desperately needed. Can the Leafs match fellow surging wildcard team in the East, Columbus, and make it seven in a row?

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  • PEIleafnation


  • lieffan

    It’s a race of winning streaks.. let’s outlast those bastard Blue Jackets.

  • loomx

    Can’t believe we could’ve gotten rid of Franson for Del Zotto. sighhhh

  • loomx

    Murph2417 loomx At least Del Zotto can skate. And he’s THREE years younger. plenty of time to improve. Franson is a lost cause in his own end.

  • MaxwellHowe

    loomx I think the Leafs would really miss his offensive contributions.  I think Cody is a keeper.

  • ShotgunCharlie

    Gonna be a tough day today. First job interview in 14 years. Need my fix before I leave

  • loomx

    MaxwellHowe loomx Yeah, we would’ve definitely missed all those cheap PP assists. Del Zotto will have a better career offensively than Franson.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    loomx MDZ is a better skater and younger, both are poor defensively, but Franson hits and actually produces. Franson is top 10 in PP points among D, 3rd in PP assists.  We have youth and mobility on the back end on the current tams and throughout the organization Not too worried.

  • wendelsfist

    Late game tonight again.  8pm

  • Alec Brownscombe

    loomx MaxwellHowe I dunno how cheap they are. He frustrates me as much as anybody defensively but he’s apart of a high flying powerplay and has a knack for getting shots through. He’s in some pretty good company atop the PP points rankings among D.