Maple Leaf Hangout Ep.#26 with Conor McKenna


Conor McKenna of TSN Radio and Sirus XM joins Michael Langlois and Michael Stephens to tee up tonight’s big game between the Leafs and Canadiens.

  • ingy56
    TOR: Hughson/Simpson/Healy/Amber. WIN: Lee/Galley/Peacock. EDM: Ball/Hrudey/Oake

  • Burtonboy

    Hangout …BooYaa

  • Burtonboy

    ingy56  ugh

  • Loric76

    take out Markov, got it

  • Cameron19

    Helps that they get so many phoney powerplay opportunities, lol.

  • WendelGilmour

    If the leafs ever get to the point where a Prust is invaluable I will hang myself.
    Markov? LOL.

  • vinoa

    WendelGilmour  I hope Clarkson becomes as useful as Prust in the future.

  • WendelGilmour

    Prust is hopeless.

  • wiski Carlyle presser starts with question on Bolland; ”Who?“ Randy cracks”hahahahahaha

  • vinoa

    wiski  Good one Randy.