Does it get any better? The Hockey Mecca and the also-ran do battle on Hockey Night in Canada. Toronto could have a full line up for the first time this year if Bernier and Bolland dress.

As far as big games go, this is a biggy. If you can’t get up for the Montreal Canadiens, in your barn, on a Saturday Night on Hockey Night In Canada, I think you need to find a different team to play for.

The playoff implications also make this an extremely important game for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Maple Leafs looked like they were going to be a nice little dog fight for 3rd overall in the Eastern Conference with Tampa Bay, but that has all changed with the Maple Leafs looking to stave off being eliminated from the playoffs rather than pushing for home ice advantage. Their lacklustre play—specifically starts to games—is alarming and disconcerting.

Hopefully, they can turn it around tonight vs Montreal.



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