(Tuesday Mashup) Still Waiting for Leafs News

Photo: (Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun)

In the meantime, some offseason speculation and draft stuff to chew on in the links below.

Tuesday Links:

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  1. @Leafs89 There’s potentially 28 other teams that will be in on ROR (those with cap issues will move others to make room), and while Phaneuf is a major trading piece he’ll be 30 this year.  There’s no way the Leafs win the negotiation battle without sending back youth – one or both of Gardiner and Kadri will be required.

  2. Well, no news is better than hearing the Leafs have dealt some of our youth, or taken another big bite out of cap space. IMO, we are simply not at the point you could do that without hurting the team long term .
    You need a good foundation, and strong depth before you can go down that road. No quick fixes, we would only slide back again in a couple of years.

  3. CanuckUKinToronto 
    Why are people trying to trade d-men to Colorado. They have a wealth of defensive talent that doesnt need to be watered down with the inclusion of Phanny.
    They were defensively solid and boasted one of the highest IF NOT the highest scoring rate of the 6 men combined.
    Erik Johnson (1st overall pick in 2006 – It does happen) had 39 points and threw his weight and size around.
    Jan Hejda did what he was supposed to do with pretty solid play
    Ryan Wilson was solid in the stint he had
    Cory Sarich as proffessional as usual
    Same with Andre Benoit
    Tyson Barrie had a tough start to his second season proper but came alight in the end and was solid
    Nick Holden was a revelation.
    Why would they want  to bring in a player to eat up minutes when they have there top 2 sorted, The next two are very good and even their 3rd two could essentially move up and be the 2nd two so any d-men they would need to add, would be because of injuries and they still have Guenin and a farmer team to pick from for 3rd pairing minutes.
    Why would they want to add 7 million to their cap when their best defender is being paid less than half that.
    Newsflash. Just because there is a fan hate on Phaneuf amongst the Leafs fans does not mean every team will want to take on a tough contract just so they can hand over a piece the Leafs need.
    Trading Phanny would hurt us, who else can eat the minutes. We need an extra minute muncher NOT get rid. If Phanny goes we will need to bring in Markov AND Boyle. And personally Id rather stick with Phanny and Franson, more years in them.

  4. Heres a question: If the Leafs, despite best efforts, come to realize there are no available upgrades at C AND the only upgrades at D are aged dmen like a Dan Boyle or Robidas – are the Leafs then better off making a rebuild type move for a high pick?  I’m for rebuild now – but if those here who think just weeks are needed come to learn that there are no upgrades available in the here and now – then what?

  5. Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs CanuckUKinToronto Everything I hear from Colorado fans is that their defence is terrible.  

    Also don’t understand why people bring up trading Phaneuf without talking about a rebuild.  Do you want a rebuild?  Because that’s how you get a rebuild.

  6. MaxwellHowe  I believe that rebuid moves are required. To be honest I can’t see why UFAs like Stastny would sign in Toronto.

    We need to draft the centers that we need and hope that we young defense-men that grow into a top pairing.