Claude Loiselle on Robidas, Komarov, Polak & Frattin

Claude Loiselle
Photo: Montreal Gazette

Loiselle on Robidas, Komarov, Polak & Frattin acquisitions for Leafs

Leafs asst. GM Claude Loiselle says that his club came out with more “sandpaper” with new defencemen Stephane Robidas & Roman Polak, and got a “glue guy” with the re-acquisition of Leo Komarov from the KHL.

  • Bruffins

    so you’re telling me that Loiselle hasn’t been fired yet….

  • TheGroobster

    Bruffins Says Franson is being negotiated with…. GM tries to trade him for Gorges 2 days ago (2nd round pick value)… Should we believe anything this man says?

  • maximus_asinus

    he is talking about putting together a competitive 4th line and actually playing them!

  • The_Polish_Cannon

    maximus_asinus management has definitely been saying all the right things. Attempting to address the issues that everyone has noticed for a long time now

  • MikeGartner11

    My favourite is the if you look at teams who succeeded last year they played 4 lines bit. As if the Rangers and Kings came up with it last year and we are now implementing it….Wow…. #thingsNHLpeopleshouldknowabout

  • TheGroobster

    @MikeGartner11 #RedWings

  • TheGroobster

    The_Polish_Cannon maximus_asinus That or they are just telling us what we want to hear

  • LeafsGuru

    Or shanny has told them that’s nothing new and that why we are losing

  • LeafsGuru

    Maple leaf high.

  • MikeGartner11

    Also concerned with on July 2nd or July 3rd everyone looks at their roster and says Oh my God…….Really? NHL managers should plan better….