Dave Nonis on Leafs Lunch on TSN 1050

Dave Nonis Leafs
Tom Anselmi (right) announces Senior Vice-President of Hockey Operations, Dave Nonis, left, as the new GM after it was announced that Brian Burke was fired in Toronto, January 9, 2013. (Photo: TORONTO STAR / BERNARD WEI)

TSN 1050: Leafs Lunch: July 2 – Dave Nonis

  • Loric76

    Interesting that Nonis thinks Leivo, Broll, Percy, and Granberg all have good shots at the the Leafs this year, with Carrick not far behind.

  • The_Polish_Cannon

    players actually text nonis after the Leo signing to let him know how thrilled they were to have him back. That’s pretty cool to hear!

  • Xxxxxnew

    @Hope_Smoke: Nonis “Reimer is a good guy and a professional. There is no issue with him. I expect him to be at camp & I expect him to be a Leaf”

  • Gozo

    I never, never and never thought that KOMAROV will be back with Toronto.

  • Cloud09

    Loric76 Tank job in full effect.

  • Xxxxxnew

    They sure paid him enough to come back.

  • Gozo

    Xxxxxnew So you think the money made him to come back?

  • Pazzuzzu

    A small, injury prone 37 year old D man, a third liner in the KHL, and then go and swap a 22 year old borderline NHL player with speed for a 26 year old borderline NHL player with speed? WTF?
    This franchise is spinning their wheels and have been for 45+ years and continue to do so.
    They lose, every year they lose. They only lose enough to miss the playoffs and NOT qualify for a top 3 pick. What top end free agent is going to come to Toronto when the odds are the team will lose, not to mention the daft signings and the love of tossing away picks like they have a bad smell?
          Every season the Leafs are a cap team with little space, yet they consistantly finish out of the playoffs.
          When is this franchise going to grow some stones, stop with the band aid hear, stop gap there mentality, tear it down and build this team correctly? Trade big ticket guys like Kessel, Dion, Clarkson, Lupul, ETC. and rebuild. Get some good young players with some good upside, MANAGE THE CAP WELL(why spend 69M only to finish out of the playoffs and out of the draft lottery?), and draft and develope your own prospects…McDavid anyone?
          Leafs got some decent young players to work with… Kadri,Bozak,JVR,Reilly,Gardiner,Franson,Holland,Bernier plus a good minor league team…cut the fat around these guys and rebuild this thing PLEASE!!

  • gjdevlin

    Now the hubbub over FA signings and lack of for a better word, I would say that our roster is pretty much 90% set in stone. There are a few things the Leafs can do this coming fall without breaking the bank.
    Bottom line is this – coming up this fall – this is a fragile group of players, coaches AND management. They know that Leaf nation is laughing at them and the rest of the NHL is looking down on this team in a way that says – “man we feel sorry for you but hey we’re gonna feast on you easily for two points”

    1. Call up those in the Marlies. For heaven’s sake, we fans and management have to stop looking for short cuts and start playing our youngsters some more. Bring up Lievo and Carrick and whomever – let them play. Let them play through their mistakes.

    2. Hold Carlyle more accountable for the actions on ice. Discipline players by benching them if they don’t perform to the standards of being a Maple Leaf. Encourage the assistant coaches to speak out when discussing things with Carlye – stop depending on veterans – unleash the dogs and roll all four lines.

    3. If Riemer is going to stay – make him happy somehow – work with Carlye to watch his mouth in press conferences – even if your goalie sucked on a few goals – talk to him and encourage. Don’t disparage him on the bench during games. Don’t pull people down when they are working up towards their goals – don’t be such an asshole all the time. That type of behavior can have a ripple effect on the bench in games.

    4. I work in IT and have a great boss who has an open door – we go in and say hi all the time. She’s awesome and fair. I expect that of Carlye and all two assistant coaches – I don’t know how it is in Randy’s locker room. The coach is not going to be your best friend or dad but he’s also responsible for putting forth a good morale.

    5. Get Dione to speak up more. To be more vocal. I’ve noticed he has regressed with his on ice persona and he’s almost invisible personality wise.

    6. If you don’t have a sense of humor I don’t think you should be playing hockey.

  • Axle_Goalie

    Pazzuzzu Tell us something we don’t know http://www.livefyre.com/profile/16825986/… You can’t really have a rebuild without losing most of your favorite players. 
    I don’t expect anybody to regress this season, infact I think every player on this team will have a better year. There is still time for this team to do something, and for the players currently on our roster to step up. Don’t hurl yourself off a building, just be patient.