Jake Gardiner talks contract with Greg Brady

Jake Gardiner
Photo: NHLI.com

Leafs defenceman Jake Gardiner joined Brady & Walker to explain his reasons for signing a long-term contract with Toronto, the team’s off-season changes thus far, and his relationship with head coach Randy Carlyle.

  • Doorman

    5 Years for a real gem!!!  Things are looking Up!!!

    Cant wait for the season to start!!!

    GO LEAFS GO!!!

  • wiski

    Doorman Ya I was really happy at the price and term.

  • Bruffins

    wiski Doorman
    let’s hope he is the next Dion!

  • Dangle_My_Berries


  • wiski

    Bruffins wiski Doorman Or Doughty 😉

  • Bruffins

    wiski Bruffins Doorman
    tomato/tomahto 😉

  • wiski

    Bruffins wiski Doorman LOL

  • http://mapleleafshotstove.com/ Radar O’Rielly

    Good deal, now lets start training camp!

  • Bruffins

    wiski Bruffins Doorman
    I’d just like to say that that was sarcasm so I don’t get quoted on in in 2 months

  • steele123

    Very happy with how the contract came out. I think we can all make the assumption that Jake likely won’t be going anywhere for a season or 2.