Friday Mashup: We’re Gonna Need a Montage

Petri Kontiola
Petri Kontiola

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Montage Friday

Some montages on the new Leafs to aid in the mailing in of your final work day before the long weekend.

Daniel Winnik

David Booth:

Petri Kontiola (updated version):

Leo Komarov

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  • lester

  • Mattmark

    The longer one looks at this roster, the more sense it makes for Leafs to package Franson and Ashton for a d-man in whom management has some confidence.  (Of course, as always, the trick is getting the other side to see value in what you’re trying to give away.)

  • Optimustic

    In respect to the PPP article from above, they suggest the only way to realize Franson’s value is to compare him to players that have been used in similar roles.
    “Well – the most logical thing to do would be to compare his minutes and usage to players who see comparable minutes and usage and see how they fared in comparison to Franson. ”

    It’s tough to do, because the other player usually plays for a different team.  I can’t think of a single d-man that has played well in TO other than Dion ( even he’s debatable according to some — see Wiski)  For some reason ( systems IMO ) under both RC and RW we don’t play the game defensively.   Perhaps the team takes the expression ” Burn the boats ” a little too literally?  Whatever the problem is, it’s not just the d-men, and it may not be just the players in general, it may be a common coaching philosophy.   Either way, until it’s fixed, we won’t be a serious cup contender.

  • Zep2

    Bruins, can we get Boychick out of them

  • The_Polish_Cannon

    CanuckUKinToronto Mattmark florida’s power play was brutal, they really need a right handed PP specialist. Kulikov has been rumoured to be on the trade block, he’s been playing top 4 and getting second most ice time of all D-men on florida.
    Rielly – Phaneuf
    Gardiner – Robidas
    Kulikov – Polak

  • MaxwellHowe

    Thank goodness they finally updated Kontiola’s youtube highlight reel.  I was getting worried.

  • Leafs2 Isles1

    Optimustic I think that their has been a long term belief that the Leafs should play a “Canadian style” of game. I believe that that style is considered to be an attack focused game that is loose on structure. The premise seems to be that such a game is more entertaining to watch, and when played well, is more difficult to play against. Structures can be broken down. Creativity can’t be because the opposition never quite knows what will happen next.

    The problem is that such a game requires either a lot of hockey smarts or dependable veterans (both would be better). It worked fairly well in the Pat Quinn years. Over the past number of years, our team just hasn’t had enough of those types of players. Where the theory breaks down on such a team is defense. The offence still scores. But the defense looks bad.

  • BlueSmoke

    I’m a big Bautista fan but the guy is the furthest from a leader you can get. Expressing his displeasure because AA(GM of Blue jays) didn’t manage to upgrade the roster at the deadline, this is pathetic. AA has upgraded the roster more then any other teams with the additions over the years of Reyes, Encarnacion, Rasmus, Buerle etc I wouldn’t of minded Masterson but at some point you have to stop trading away all your prospects and is masterson really better then what we already have. In case you don’t know what this rant is about.

  • hoolihan

    BlueSmoke Isn’t there a Blue Jays site where you could vent your spleen over this silliness?

  • BlueSmoke

    We really need someone on the PP that can riffle the one timer from the point, I feel like Reilly is capable but doesn’t, Dion can’t, Gardiner haven’t seen it, maybe Robidas. Even our forwards especially kessel stop the puck first then shoot, imagine how dangerous he would be if he could one time the puck, I feel like that is the only difference between him and the rest of the elite scorers in the league.