Auston Matthews completed his NHL Draft Combine testing today and here are the final results. This and more links in today’s Mashup.

Auston Matthews Combine Fitness Results

H/t to reddit user PessimisticPanda.

  • Aerobic Fitness: Test Duration – #7
  • Anaerobic Fitness: Fatigue Index – #23
  • Aerobic Fitness: VO2max – #5
  • Agility & Balance: Pro Agility Left – #3
  • Agility & Balance: Pro Agility Right – #6
  • Anaerobic Fitness: Mean Power Output – #6
  • Anaerobic Fitness: Peak Power Output – #4
  • Anthropometry: Wing Span – #10
  • Body Composition: Body Fat – NR
  • Force Plate: Vertical Jump – #17
  • Musculoskeletal: Bench Press – NR
  • Musculoskeletal: Left Hand Grip – #4
  • Musculoskeletal: Pull-Ups – NR
  • Musculoskeletal: Right Hand Grip – #22
  • Musculoskeletal: Standing Long Jump – #18
  • Force Plate: Vertical Jump – #17

Sean Day, Draft Day Steal or Exceptional Status Bust? –
“Day was once thought of as a definite top-5 selection in the 2016 NHL Draft. Day now will most likely become the first ever exceptional status player not taken in the first round. Expectations may have been set too high, but this is very much a high-risk/high-reward selection that could pay off immensely for any team willing to take the gamble.”

Insider Trading: Could Stamkos re-sign before July 1st? –
“Is there a chance Steven Stamkos could re-sign with the Lightning before July 1st? What’s Milan Lucic’s future in Los Angeles? Could the Coyotes make an attempt at a blockbuster deal for the Leafs‘ first overall pick? How many New York Rangers could be on the move? TSN’s Hockey Insiders have the latest.”

‘They Wanna Stomp on Your Throat’: A Late But Still Cool Stanley Cup Finals Preview – The Player’s Tribune
“I’ve been exactly in their shoes, in ’08 with the Penguins. We lost the first two games of the finals at Detroit. The night before Game 3 in Pittsburgh, Gary Roberts gathered the team and gave this unreal speech. Remember how I said last series I’ve never heard a great sports-movie speech in real life? Well, I meant from a coach. I heard one from Scary Gary Roberts.

For you young people out there who might not be as familiar with Gary, the guy was an absolute animal. Straight up scored, hit, fought, would stare a hole through your soul and make you totally petrified of him. So he gets up in front of everybody and talks about how, when he was young with Calgary and he went to the Stanley Cup finals, he thought that the good times were gonna last forever. They’d be back year after year. How could they not? They were a great team. Well, 17 years later, he had finally gotten back. After so many battles and so much heartbreak, he was standing there in front of us with a final chance. He was 42 years old.

Most of our team was young. I was 24. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. When Gary made that speech, we were ready to follow the guy to hell and back. San Jose needs Joe Thornton to make a Gary Roberts speech.”

Brent Burns is a man of many obsessions — like honing one of the NHL’s most dangerous shots – ESPN
“He plans around getting the free stuff,” said John Scott, the All-Star Game MVP and a teammate of Burns’ with the Wild and the Sharks. “He doesn’t miss an opportunity.”

There’s the obsession with wine. And, at home, he has a room full of guitars.

Or how about this one: bottled water?

“He’s obsessed with Voss water,” said Sharks teammate Tommy Wingels. “Put that in there.”

Video games. UFC’s Conor McGregor. Camping. Jujitsu. Recovery products. Surfing. Guns. Knapsacks. The military. Mountain biking. Comic books. All were — or are — Burns’ passions or preoccupations.

What else?

He once went through a whiskey phase. Not because he liked it, because he actually didn’t. But it fascinated him. Who drinks this stuff? He had to find out, and it became a singular focus for him until he did.”

Matthews at the NHL Combine –
Auston Matthews speaks at the NHL Scouting Combine at HARBORCENTER on Friday

Battle of Ontario Episode 10 – Gus Katsaros on Marlies & Tyson Barrie Trade Talk – MLHS
“Gus Katsaros, McKeen’s pro-scouting expert, joins the show to talk Marlies and the Ottawa Senators before the guys jump into a little Tyson Barrie trade talk in the final segment.”

Matthews spoke to Leafs’ Rielly about playing in Toronto – Sportsnet
“I asked him how he enjoyed Toronto and obviously he loves it there, it’s a very passionate environment,” said Matthews. “He really liked what Mike Babcock and Lou Lamoriello are doing with the team so it was a pretty good chat.”

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