Tyler Biggs Scouting Report

Tyler Biggs Scouting Report by Ian Dudgeon

A hulking body structure, Biggs possesses most of the prototypical assets of a power forward who plays a simple up and down game. Long skating stride, appears to not be moving well at all but manages to keep up with his opponents and can blow by defenders who don’t respect it enough. This was exemplified at the 2012-13 World Juniors vs. strong peer competition. Understands his offensive role by gravitating to the net and providing an outlet to puck carrying linemates. Doesn’t like to carry the puck into the zone, preferring to dish to linemates and head for the net instead. Will dump and chase if given no other option. Manages to quietly move himself into dangerous scoring areas, going somewhat unnoticed – tough to do when you are as big as he is. NHL caliber talent won’t likely fall for this and he will have to learn to move his feet more aggressively and fight for that same space. Hard, clean forechecker, digs in corners and is near impossible to push off the puck once he establishes position. An intelligent player who plays relatively well within his limitations, doesn’t get too deep into the zone on low percentage plays – demonstrating both a maturity and responsiveness to coaching, both traits being somewhat uncommon to young power forwards with a big physical edge. Possesses a quick hard wrist shot he can pick corners with and will fool goaltenders at times, but the majority of his scoring will happen in close, collecting rebounds or deflections. Recognizes transition early and covers his man on the back check without getting caught up ice. Defensively responsible, kills penalties and covers a lot of ground with reach & size and will sacrifice to make the right play. Again, will use a simple outlet vs. attempting anything overly fancy.

Projection: Biggs has all the tools to develop into a dangerous power forward at the NHL level, but will have to find another gear in his skating, less coasting and maintain a higher level of overall intensity to his game on nightly basis if the Milan Lucic comparisons are to have merit. No reason not to be patient as most power forwards take a while to realize their potential.