Probably not much more than some fun speculation here, but it seems the internet is heating up some trade talks, and the Leafs are in the middle of it. Again.

From the Philly Daily News:

Flyers director of player development Don Luce was spotted for the third time in as many weeks at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto for the Maple Leafs’ contest against Buffalo.

Luce’s consistent presence in Toronto fuels trade speculation between the Flyers and Leafs. The NHL trade deadline is just 47 days away…

“I do try to get my lineup set well in advance of the deadline,” Burke told on Friday. “I’ve never been a deadline guy. So January is when I try to make a splash. We are listening to a lot right now, and there is a good chance something will happen …”

While I don’t doubt the Leafs and Flyers are chatting, I’m not sure how you could pinpoint Luke Schenn as the player that’s targeted (which the article goes on to do.)

It’s well known that Burke and Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgren are buddies, and Burke’s son is employed by the Flyers as well. The connection is there.

Is there enough to get a deal done? If Burke really wants to stay away from the deadline, it looks like we’ll find out soon.

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