One of the best things about writing here at MLHS is far and away you, the readers.

Every week you guys are in full force reading, commenting, thinking about whatever is presented in front of you and throwing in your two cents. It makes for great discussions and it’s really appreciated.

Since I’ve been here doing Leafs Notebook, there have consistently been questions in the comments sections in regards to certain things I’ve wrote or something that the Leafs have done. Then as I was reading a Leafs “Q & A” elsewhere, I thought it would be a neat thing to do here. There have often been times when I get asked the same question by multiple people, or when somebody asks a question and my answer is posted the next day and therefore missed. Beyond that, it’s a lot more organized and easy to articulate in a post rather than the comments section.

So with that all said, we’re going to try a question and answer as a follow up to Leafs Notebook. You can post a question in the comments section here, but I’d prefer if you tweeted at me (!/APetrielli). If anything, that improves the odds of your question getting answered because it will go directly to me. I’m going to be checking the comments, but there’s hundreds of comments every time so it’s really a toss up.

15 questions is my goal, but that number has yet to be fully determined. Whatever questions are picked, I’ll write my answers, and I’m sure you will all put your own answers in the comment section, which I look forward to.

In terms of the questions, please keep it related to the team that’s here – meaning the current roster – and questions that I can answer. If you’re asking me whether or not the Leafs are going to trade Luke Schenn, well, I have no clue. I’m not an insider and I’m not going to try and be one. Now if you ask me whether or not the Leafs can afford to trade Luke Schenn, that, I can answer.

So enough of me typing and you reading. Start sending in questions (once again:!/APetrielli) and we’ll see how it goes. If this is successful, we’ll continue to do it each week or two. If not, well, we tried.

I look forward to hearing your questions!