Morning Mashup: Subtitleless


"We are both completely, 100% willing to negotiate 24/7. That's why we haven't for weeks."

No overall topic for today’s mashup. I could rant about how simultaneously promising/frustrating it is the NHL and NHLPA are meeting Friday but not to discuss any “core financial issues,” apparently. That’s like putting on hockey equipment to watch a game from the press box. I could push the Toronto Marlies as an awesome alternative to big club hockey this year winter fall, but everyone else is doing that, including some of the links below. I think, at this point, I’m really just rooting for the annual return of Dreger’s backyard rink.

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Thursday morning links!

(Boy, that reads redundant once you’ve clicked through to the actual post).

-Quick Mirtle hit about the aforementioned Marlies being ready for the spotlight. He conveniently lists some notable NHLers playing AHL hockey this fall, a group which includes Jordan Eberle, Jeff Skinner, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Who will all, probably, be on my NHL fantasy team whenever the season starts. There’s nothing actually funny about this lockout, but that comes close.

-Mike Ulmer says basically the same thing, and points out that some current NHL stars really tore up the AHL during the last lockout. His only Toronto example is Kyle Wellwood. Kyle. Wellwood.

-More Marlies: their media day (remember how the Leafs usually do that right about now, and it’s awesome?) is today! (Thursday!) Watch and follow all the pertinent stuff here. Fingers crossed they get to do all the stylized, slow motion, breakaway glass-slapshotty stuff the big club normally would, if only because MLSE’s already budgeted for it.

-MacKenzie thinks the lockout is good for the Canadian Junior team. Technically, he’s right.

-Yakupov’s in some trouble for suddenly appearing in a KHL game the other day. BUST!

-Via TLN, Ryan Fancey looks at Mike Komisarek. And doesn’t immediately look away screaming. So that’s a good sign.