Kadri feeling distracted, Nonis confident Phaneuf is here to stay

Dion Phaneuf
Photo: MapleLeafs.com

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Kadri’s self belief is stalling negotiations
What a facepalm of a title that is from Simmons.

Kadri sounding increasingly impatient (The Star) & Contract talks with the Leafs are becoming a distraction for Kadri (TSN)
If he’d just quit believing in himself already this could be done. Seriously, everyone should respect Kadri’s point that the cap issues are not his concern.

Nonis on Phaneuf: “no reason to think he won’t be here for the long run.”
After every major insider reported murmurs of Phaneuf being in play, and despite the speculation that Nonis’ “no untouchables talk” meant Phaneuf was on the outs, Nonis sounds completely confident Phaneuf is here for the long haul.

Andrew MacWilliam is #19 in TLN’s Prospect Countdown
Here’s a guy Leaf management has gone out of their way to mention for a few years now, dating back to Brian Burke and as recently as our interview with Hughes.

Tony Cameranesi comes in at #14 over at PPP
More prospect reading.

ICYMI, some good Leaf artwork: Clarkson on the THN cover and Bernier’s new mask.


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  • Tommy Cat

    That was quite a blog.

  • Zep2

    Nice mashup Alec  Short and Sweet.
    Love Kadris talent but he needs to take a deep breadth. The Jays just spent a mint long term on a guy who had one good season let alone a 1/2 season. Thats not working out very well for them is it

  • Loric76

    Tommy Cat I barely got through it all.  You know how long winded these blog types can be…freaking blowhards. 😛

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    Ok, lets try not to turn on Kadi.

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    Gawd the comments in that Simmons article make me want to puke

  • http://mapleleafshotstove.com/ Radar O’Rielly

    ConnorCrisp I refuse to read that asshole, but I can imagine the comments. They wait in the weeds and only pop up when there is something negative going on.

  • ConnorCrisp

    Yep. We should trade Naz since he is a diva and a 1 dimensional player. Oh also Phaneuf is a pylon. Goddam assholes.

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    Maple Leafs adopt new “premium” ticket pricing system. From now on, If they win, ushers come to your seat and make you pay another $50-100.

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    CanuckUKinToronto Lucky you – back in Europe and the lovely streaming world.