Clarkson on THN Cover; Bernier’s new mask


They say don’t judge a book by the cover; in the case of The Hockey News, looking at the cover is all we recommend you do. Pretty badass, this one:


Also be sure to check out Jonathan Bernier’s all new Leaf gear, including his sticks, pads, and jersey, over at In Goal Magazine. His new mask features an angry blue and white lion:


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  • Mattmark

    Hey, who knew DC was a blueblood?  He doesn’t LOOK like an aristocrat!

  • Jeff_Mintz

    Well that mask is pretty dam cool!

  • Xxxxxnew

    Groan …. Lol

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Have it on authority it’s not actually graphic design.. Clarkson showed up to the shoot with a hunting knife and sliced himself open.

  • Xxxxxnew

    And yet, how many so called Leaf fans are hoping he fails because they have a phobia about contracts.

  • Optimustic

    Wow, a Leaf on the cover of THN ( The Hockey No news ) :-)   It’s nice to get some respect even if it’s at a time when there isn’t any thing happening.

  • theacs1966
    Kadri quote.  Personally I think he should shut up till he signs.  I know he’s not trying to sound like a hotshot but it still comes across as that.

  • Doorman

    WOW!!!  Now Thats the type of Blood Ive been talking about!!!   Love the Photo!!!

  • Tommy Cat

    That’s really cool.

  • newkb

    Alec Brownscombe I get the same thing when I slice into my balls….