Randy Carlyle – NJD Post Game


Randy Carlyle addresses the media following Toronto’s 3-2 shootout win over New Jersey at the ACC.

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  • HeatherRickAkin

    I really do not like this team right now . Another game and another shoot out win, but fair to say, a mediocre  NJ  team had the better territorial , likely more shots on goal too. I know that Carlyle has to play the hand he is dealt, but I bet he had input into having guys like Orr, McClaren, Fraser, McClement ….all of them likely not able to make another NHL team. Ok…McClement is a decent PKer, and maybe to play 6-8 fourth line minutes. But marching him out there in excess of 15 min/game ?????  That in itself screams volumes to the team that he doesn’t trust you (maybe Kadri, surely Holland) . At the same time, he seems to trust Raymond, even on the PK….and theres not a softer marshmallow in the whole NHL than Mason Raymond.  Yes, he can play , but he makes Kessel look like a corner man . As this team is constituted right now, we wont make the playoffs, and shouldn’t. I begrudge wins like last night, because it moves us farther away from guys like Ekblad and Rinehart (I think that’s the name of the top centre in the 2014 draft). Call me a tanker, but winning just enough games to finish somewhere between 15th and 20th overall is counterproductive. With #20, you get a Gauthier. No offence to the kid, but he wont be leading the charge when we eventually go deep into the playoffs.  There is solice in keeping RC around though. The team will continue to play poorly, and we will …yes…will… have a shot at a high draft pick.