(Thursday Mashup) Silly Season

New Toronto Maple Leafs President Brendan Shanahan, left, looks over at Maple Leafs General Manager Dave Nonis during a news conference in Toronto on Monday, April 14, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Things That Make No Sense:

  • A team that needs to improve at center moving a good 23-year-old center for a less productive 26-year-old center.
  • Converting a promising young puck-moving defenceman with top-4 ability to the less desirable wing position where he’s never played a pro hockey game.
  • Just about everything Darren Dreger says lately.

‘Tis the season. All that craziness and more in the links below.

Thursday Links:

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  • The_Polish_Cannon

    Nonis seems to be saying all the wrong things and leaving me less than optimistic about the team’s future. Then you have Shanny, who seems to be saying all the right things in identifying the issues, but goes ahead and keeps the management team in place and the head coach. There already seems to be a disconnect between president and GM, I give it half a season before Shanny realizes he’s made a massive mistake in evaluating the management team.

  • Great Dane

    CanuckUKinToronto  I read the article – I give up. You can’t run an organisation like this

  • The_Polish_Cannon

    another example of this is Shanahan saying he wants the leafs to shift their draft philosophy to high-end skill, and Nonis later saying skill isn’t a priority.

  • MaxwellHowe

    T.J. Brennan is a guy that should try the wing.  Gardiner wouldn’t work because it would reduce his ability to harness his skating ability.

  • MaxwellHowe

    The_Polish_Cannon  Shanny and Nonis are NOT reading from the same playbook.  Nonis downplays the chance of signing Komarov ( he is negotiating after all) – and Shanny is on TV talking about how much the Leafs need a guy like BOlland

  • Great Dane

    MaxwellHowe The_Polish_Cannon  I know that it is lot to ask for, but I would like them to be on the same page.

    My fear is that Leafs are going to make another big mistake this year setting us even further back.

  • MaxwellHowe

    Interesting and heartening that absolutely no one here is clamoring for the Leafs to sign Bolland.  Unusual consensus for the crowd at MLHS.  The attached article hits all kinds of nails on the head


  • The_Polish_Cannon

    Great Dane MaxwellHowe The_Polish_Cannon Yeah I have a feeling Nonis is going to make a terrible move that jeopardizes the team’s future, and will get canned by the end of the season but we’ll be stuck with his mistakes.

  • MaxwellHowe

    The_Polish_Cannon Great Dane MaxwellHowe  I get the feeling he will do nothing – which is probably worse

  • Kouba

    An old dog should be put out of its misery. But no, we are keeping both Nonis and Carlyle. This fact itself is upsetting.