Darren Dreger and Nick Kypreos confirmed MLHS’ exclusive report yesterday about the Leafs‘ initial contact with Mike Babcock on Saturday:

Brendan Shanahan will fly over to Prague shortly, where coaching candidates Babcock and Todd McLellan and a number of potential executive candidates are assembled for the World Championships.

Sunday Links:

  • Elliotte Friedman: 30 Thoughts — Top 3 for Mike Babcock (
    I asked Babcock if he was going to visit any city he was considering, and his answer was an unqualified yes. He is going to the World Championships on Monday and not returning until the 17th. Detroit’s self-imposed deadline is May 25. That leaves him one week to go where he wants to go. How many visits can he realistically fit into that time, especially if we are talking about geographically different locales such as Buffalo, Edmonton, Philadelphia and San Jose?
  • Chris Peters: Maple Leafs get permission to talk to Mike Babcock, Todd McLellan (CBS Eye On Hockey)
    According to Cox, Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan is headed to the Czech Republic, where the World Championship is currently being held. McLellan is already there as the head coach of Team Canada. Babcock is also reportedly on his way overseas to take in the tournament. With a lot of NHL GMs there scouting, it could be a kill two birds with one stone scenario.
  • Jonathan Willis: Detroit Red Wings looking out for themselves by letting Mike Babcock talk to NHL teams (Edmonton Journal)
    It’s important to realize that in letting Mike Babcock talk to other NHL teams – a list which will almost certainly include the Edmonton Oilers – the Detroit Red Wings aren’t simply doing a favour to a long-time employee. They’re taking care of themselves, too.
  • JP Nikota: Some thoughts on Mike Babcock as coach (Pension Plan Puppets)
    Sure, sure, it’s easy to look good behind a roster like Canada’s, but ceding 3 goals in 6 games against teams that were almost just as lethal? The only way I can describe watching Canada beat the States in the semi-final match is like watching the insides of a clock turn perfectly.
  • Kevin McGran: Maple Leafs reportedly have permission to talk to Mike Babcock (Toronto Star)
    The twist this year is that if a team signs a coach under contract to another deal, they must surrender a third-round pick at some time over the next three seasons. Babcock is under contract until the end of June. If teams wait till after July, they wouldn’t have to surrender a pick.
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