After getting crushed by Ottawa, Toronto made its biggest move of the season, trading away Dion Phaneuf on the eve of their game against his old team.

The Leafs put up a good fight without their captain, but gave up a couple of first period goals on special teams, and were down 4-1 midway through the second. They fought back to within one goal, but couldn’t get the winner.

The two teams were even in Corsi and chances after one period, but Toronto were able to shut down the Flames after that, and were very unfortunate to fall so far behind. Part of the Flames’ lack of offense comes down to them defending a lead, but it was still a strong overall showing. Toronto also had a high proportion of controlled entries, especially for a road game — again down to them chasing for so much of the game.


Toronto were the only team generating chances in the second half of the game, dominating 10-1. However, the Flames did have a good lead by that point, and the Leafs did struggle to generate much in the last ten minutes of the game, getting only one ES chance in that time.

118:3900CgyHudler from loose puckES2152433344415782460
117:2900TorKomarov wide from giveawayES234404344471418272952
117:1300CgyStajan drivesES234404344471418272952
116:4400CgyFrolik deflects Smid shot wideES16263234444611115336793
115:2400TorGrabner from loose puckES203440434752157246079
113:4000CgyFrolik from BennettES216263234441411336793
109:2000CgyGOAL! Granlund drivesPP1524323444471576067
108:3201TorBoyes from loose puckPP25283334435117296067
108:2601TorGOAL! Holland deflects Corrado shotPP215202434431571116
106:0311CgyBennett from GiordanoES3440444752561511276793
106:0111CgyFrolik wide from loose puckES3440444752561511276793
104:4711TorKadri from loose puckES23440434447157116793
102:3311TorParenteau from FroeseES15202434515611518295267
101:5711CgyGOAL! Backlund deflects Hamilton shotSH2163440461511277993
100:3312TorHolland drives postES152024344656148182767
216:2412TorFroese from WinnikES162634445256157196093
215:5412CgyGOAL! Ferland from ColborneES20344043475214781179
215:1313TorBoyes from loose puckES2528344651561418192752
213:1913CgyFrolik from HamiltonES152434445114162767
209:2313TorParenteau from loose puckES152433344651157116793
203:3414TorBoyes from WinnikES216262834441411276793
202:4314TorGOAL! Leivo drivesES2025323452561815192960
319:3624CgyBacklund from BennettES23440434447157116793
317:3024TorFroese wraparoundES1520243452561815192960
317:2924TorHolland from reboundES1520243452561815192960
313:3424TorKadri drivesES344043444647157116793
311:2324TorGOAL! Gardiner drivesES26283334465111115296793
310:1734TorHolland from reboundES152433344651148162779
302:2334TorArcobello deflects Rielly shot wideES21524333444148276067
301:1134TorParenteau drivesEN152433404451157111979

Leafs Player Data


There were some very strong chance numbers from a couple of lines in this game, led by Peter Holland and P.A. Parenteau, who played mostly with Mark Arcobello on the second line. Parenteau and Holland were both on for seven ES chances, and they had excellent controlled entry numbers.

Byron Froese also had a great night, as did Rich Clune and Brad Boyes, who made for a solid bottom six line. The top line was close to even, as Nazem Kadri and Leo Komarov mostly matched against the Backlund line. They were one of the worst lines at preventing controlled entries, but generated plenty themselves.

Frank Corrado has had a strong run of late, and looks poised to take on a lot more minutes without Phaneuf. That proved to be the case tonight, and he and Martin Marincin formed an effective bottom pairing. Corrado was also given some time with Jake Gardiner, and that pairing also worked well. Gardiner was normally playing with Roman Polak; they were the best of the pairings, both finishing clearly in the positive. Morgan Rielly was the only defenseman to finish below even after some early struggles, as Mike Babcock continued to use that pairing against the opponent’s top line.