The Leafs’ youth movement got started fully with Steven Stamkos in town, as a number of call ups bolstered Toronto’s lineup post-trade deadline.

Two goals from Tyler Johnson in the second period put Tampa Bay ahead, and while Toronto pulled one back late, that was all they got.


Toronto pulled ahead to a big lead in Corsi after pushing for an equalizer in the third period. That’s reflected in the chance numbers as well, as Toronto recovered from a poor first period to get almost level. The two sides ended up near even in terms of controlled entries and overall zone entries.

A few shifts in the second half of the opening period saw Tampa Bay rack up a lot of chances, and only some excellent goaltending from Garret Sparks kept the game scoreless. Tampa generated only five chances after the first period, but that included both of their goals. Toronto’s only chances in the last ten minutes of the game came with the extra attacker, as they weren’t able to do a lot at even strength.

114:5800TorSoshnikov from reboundES231414344475918628688
114:2400TblStamkos wide from HedmanES22431414447172455778891
113:0400TblPaquette from FilppulaES1120314043515613235188
111:5800TblKucherov from KillornES82326313852177786888991
109:5200TorBoyes deflects Gardiner shotES20242831375191823557788
109:4400TorKomarov wide from HollandES20242831475191823557788
108:5800TblKillorn drivesES2232631444751724628890
108:2600TblStamkos from CallahanES232631385152172425628891
108:2400TblStamkos post from reboundES232631385152172425628891
107:3300TblNesterov from reboundES113139404451132351558889
107:3000TblFilppula from PaquetteES113139404451132351558889
107:0800TblBrown deflects Nesterov shotES113139404451132351558889
106:4100TblCallahan from KillornSH23140444761724518891
105:1700TblJohnson from KucherovSH22023263191877868890
104:4400TblNamestnikov from loose puckES31404447515291877868890
104:2300TorKapanen wide from BoyesES82428313752112355888990
101:3500TblJohnson from CarleES8232631385291825558688
100:1800TblStamkos from loose puckES224283137525617248891
215:0700TblGOAL! Johnson drivesES2314143444791824255588
213:4601TorGreening drives wideES20232631385151186888990
209:4801TorHolland wraparound wideES82428313752111825888990
209:1201TblFilppula drivesES21131394044132351557788
207:4801TorHolland from loose puckES22431434447185586888991
206:4201TorNylander wide from RiellyES1131394044525613245188
205:5701TorHolland from faceoffES202428313751112425778890
204:3201TblGOAL! Johnson from loose puckES82326313852569188688
202:5002TorBoyes post from GardinerPP242831434751623515588
319:4102TorNylander from HymanES811313739525613235188
319:1202TorHolland from BoyesPP2428314344471825778891
318:0602TorRielly wide from HollandPP242831434447624515588
317:0102TorKapanen drivesES8313738395191825558688
315:5502TorKomarov from HollandES2242831444751724778891
315:2702TblBoyle from NamestnikovES2242831404451155868890
313:5302TorHunwick wraparoundES231414344475617248891
312:0902TorHunwick wide from HymanES211313944686888990
310:2602TorHolland from GrabnerES24283140445251723778891
303:0902TblFilppula drives wideES2811313739132351558889
302:1502TorGOAL! Kadri from RiellyEN2841434447515617248891
300:5112TorKapanen from NylanderEN11243739445191825778688

Leafs Player Data


William Nylander started his NHL career with Zach Hyman and Michael Grabner, although he ended up moving to an all-Marlie line with Kasperi Kapanen. That line mostly matched against the third Tampa Bay line, and ended up slightly out-chanced, with Nylander ending up a -1. Colin Greening, Ben Smith and Brooks Laich got a lot of time against the Kucherov line, and struggled, finishing as the worst of the Leaf forwards. The line that was the most effective was Peter Holland with Kapanen and Brad Boyes. They generated more chances than any other Leaf line, Holland finishing with a team best eight. Nazem Kadri and the top line were able to mostly shut down Stamkos, finishing near even.

Martin Marincin and rookie Connor Carrick were given fairly tough ice-time, with Carrick racking up over seventeen minutes and having the highest defensive zone start ratio on the blue line. Carrick managed to do pretty well in that time, while Marincin joined most of the other defencemen finishing on -2. Frank Corrado had the best numbers, but also played the least — the only man under 17 ES minutes on the back end — as the other five shared the time fairly equally.