Mike Babcock addressed the media after his team’s 6-1 win over the New Jersey Devils, improving the Leafs’ record to 11-5-0 on the season.

On Andreas Johnsson getting his first of the season:

I just think it’s good for him. He skated. He drove the middle hard, so he seems to be getting more rhythm in his game. I thought that line was good again. It is important that those guys get going.

It was a good game. Everyone got to play. Everyone had some puck touches. In the end, you leave feeling good. Plus, we didn’t put too much duress on our team. Playing back-to-back, it gives us a better opportunity.

On Patrick Marleau’s comment that sticking to the system produced the result tonight:

I’m not big into that. If the players work real hard and we do things right together, we have a chance to have a lot of success. That is what you’re trying to do each and every day. Some days it goes good. Now, there were a lot of those seeing-eye pucks tonight. They went through crowds. It is never fun being on the wrong end of those. It is more fun being on the right end.

On the team’s home form turning around with two straight wins at Scotiabank Arena:

I mean, I don’t think our last couple were any better than when we lost to Dallas or lost to Pittsburgh. To be honest with you, we probably played better in those games, but the puck went in. That is what happens sometimes. At home, when it doesn’t go your way and you think it should, you start pressing a little bit, and I think that gets in your way a little bit. Ideally, this will loosen us up at home and we will play better.

On the team witnessing the HHOF ceremony before the game:

We’re really luck to be here. We talked about that before we went out to enjoy the ceremony. You walk out and Lanny MacDonald is standing right there. You get to shake his hand. Darryl is there. Bryan Trottier is there. You go through all of these guys that are stars.

The new inductees walked by, and Mr. Bettman… I think it is a special thing. Anybody who has been to the ceremony, it is a club like no other. If you’re involved in hockey… I mean, you don’t even dream of being in that club, but it’d be nice to be in that club. That is how special it is.

The guys that walked by… they kind of got jammed up and came on our bench. We got to talk to each one of them — which was good — before they went out the right way. That made it a little bit more special. It is fantastic for them and their families and I think it is a real honour.