It was rivalry night in the ACC as the Leafs hosted the Canadiens. The Habs were one of the teams we were supposed to take both points from. Tomas Kaberle made a return to the ACC, but this time he was wearing a much hated jersey. A part of the anthem was done in French and it was the only part that Randy Cunneyworth had trouble with.

1 — The Leafs are 23-19-5 and this truly was one of the worst hockey games this year.

2 — We pretty much shut the Canadiens down in the first period; they needed nine minutes to get their first shot of the game, but that shot was a shorthanded breakaway by Lars Eller which Gustavsson managed to stop. Phiew. The shot total was 6-0 in favor of the Leafs up to that point.

3 — A huge number of turnovers on our blueline and in the neutral zone, Komisarek needs to get better at making that breakout pass as it—s costing us puck possession.

4 — Rene Bourque got a really fortunate bounce for the first Habs goal. Of course, it was his first goal in a Habs uniform. Immediately after that, the Leafs respond after a fantastic assist by Bozak to put Lombardi on the breakaway who then dekes the hell out of Price, puts him on his pants and scores.

5 — Yeah, remember what happened to Lupul after a period of full offseason training, not saying Lombardi will have the same transformation but seeing him pick up his game in the last stretch of games makes one think.

6 — Komisarek rocked Travis Moen and it was a clean hit, Habs still wanted to get a piece of Mike. That—s how it goes in today—s NHL. I don—t recommend getting a piece of Mike because it might be more knuckles than you can chew.

7 — The Leafs killed 16 straight penalties since the beginning of 2012.

8 — Jonas Gustavsson is starting to look better. If you—re wondering why read on of my earlier Game In 10s. Börje Salming approves. I—m just wondering what Komisarek was doing on the second Habs goal. Lupul wasn—t exactly strong on the boards either. The third goal was¦ something. He got bumped but¦ ah I dunno.

9 — This Game In 10 lacks humor — Scott Gomez. Also, for future reference, a screwdriver is not a hammer. A dive however, is always a dive.

10 — Dropping home points against a weak Montreal team that played yesterday night isn—t really a good way to get into the playoffs. We did exactly that against Ottawa too. Except for some unknown reason Ottawa isn—t a bad team this year.

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