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Randy Carlyle post-game interview:

Playing two men short the last two games, in a back to back situation and after a tough week of practicing, Carlyle commended his team’s work ethic last night, but added “it’s the little things that are costing us.”



Godd Till has a good list of the Leafs’ needs for the off-season.
PPP also provides a depressing graphic.

leafs-goalie-james-reimer-impressed-by-eries-emergency-fill-in-141491343.html”>Leafs‘ Reimer impressed by Erie’s emergency fill-in
…. and jealous of his save percentage.

Another Toronto Maple Leafs season done in – by fate
That’s why there’s next year.

Carter Ashton makes debut, injuries pile up
From Kevin McGran.

Ashton interviews after his NHL debut

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