Boxscore | Ice Time | Recap

Technically speaking the Leafs entered this game with a chance of winning. Technically. 

1 — The Leafs are 32-33-8 and this was a disgrace, not for the fans, because I—ll never be ashamed as a Leafs fan, but a disgrace for those wearing the Leaf.

2 — A dominant start by the Bruins and they score to make it 1-0. Schenn loses the battle on the boards, gets beat to the net too and Chris Kelly beats Reimer up close. So much Schenn fail there.

3 — The Bruins were forcing a lot of turnovers early in the game and played the kind of hockey that made them successful against the Leafs. Same story as the first 5 games – strong forecheck gave Leafs D fits as the Bruins owned the boards and the Leafs zone. The Leafs generated 0 shots in the first 10 minutes of the game. First shot came 12:19 into the first period.

4 — Gregory Campbell was the beneficiary of a Liles/Reimer miscue and puts the Bruins 2-0 up as he finds the empty net on a wraparound goal. I don’t care if you think the puck is on the back of the net, you don’t stop and stare. All new levels of stupid.

5 — After yet another scramble in the defensive zone a shot from the blueline gets redirected by Pouliot in front and the Bruins take a commanding 3-0 lead. Immediately after, Schenn tires to mix things up and goes with Campbell. After that, Marchand gets a sweet pass from Seguin, Phaneuf tries to defend it with his skate and it—s 4-0 Bruins. Reimer gets pulled, Gus went in.

6 — Gotta give props to Komisarek there, going with Lucic. Showed a lot of balls. Lucic gave him a solid pounding but given the situation Komi felt that—s what the Leafs needed so he went. Gotta credit him for showing he—s pissed enough to take uppercuts from a trained boxer.

7 — The game was basically over after the first period, but here—s the rest of it:

8 — Jonas Gustavsson left his net, that speaks for itself.

9 —We got lit up by BRIAN ROLSTON. He of 13 points this season, prior to tonight’s four. And of course, Tyler Seguin.

10 — This shitshow topped the 5-0 loss to the Habs on Sundin night.  Can you blame anyone for cheering against this group tomorrow night against the Islanders? Zero compete tonight, half of them probably won’t be here next season, and they don’t really deserve any better. The pick is all we got because they’re clearly not playing this out with any pride.