We are within 2 hours (update: 1 hour, 50 minutes) (update 1 hour, 49 minutes) (update 1 hour, 48 minutes) of the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Leafs playoff hockey.

No official word on final lineup combinations as of yet but we’ll update as soon as we know.

Update: LINES

JvR – Bozak – Kessel
Lupul – Grabovski – Kulemin
MacArthur – Kadri – Komarov
McLaren – McClement – Orr

Phaneuf – Gunnarsson
Franson – Fraser
Liles – Kostka

Not a ton more to say about this that hasn’t already been said, other than I hope the Leafs can weather the early storm. I don’t want the Bruins getting early relief from their goal scoring frustrations.

We’ll keep updating this thread as information trickles in. Someone toss a link to the radio play by play in the comments for those who don’t want Jim Hughson and co. spoiling this great night.

From the streets of St. John’s:

Go Fucking Leafs Go.

Carlyle Pre-Game: