Offer sheet speculation on Franson

Cody Franson
Cody Franson

Darren Dreger is reporting murmurs of offer sheet speculation on Cody Franson (for more details about the current holdout, see this earlier article).

Here is the relevant list of offer sheet compensation:

$1,110,249No Compensation
$1,110,249 to $1,682,1943rd round pick
1,682,194 to $3,364,3912nd round pick
$3,364,391 to $5,046,5851st round pick, 3rd round pick

It goes without saying the Leafs should definitely match anything below the $3,364,391 threshold. If a team submits something just below that threshold the Leafs would have to bury a contract or something, because losing Franson for a 2nd round pick is terrible value.

Anthony Petrielli has put together a list of teams with $3.3 million or more in cap space.

Carolina might be one to look out for. They recently lost Joni Pitkanen for the season to a heel injury and are looking rail thin on defence. Carolina might be clever to throw something just below the $3,364,391 mark at Franson and apply the heat on the Leafs. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

  • lieffan

    Should only accept if Calgary submits one over the 3.3 mill.
    But maybe I am overvaluing Franson, I am a big fan.

  • .JVR.

    Yup, definitely depends on which team submits the offer sheet.
    If it’s a team you think is gonna make the playoffs, don’t accept it, as the pick would be too low.
    Also, teams can wanna sign a player to an offer sheet all they want, but the fact remains the player still has to sign it.

  • BPsotka

    .JVR. Franson hasn’t exactly been treated well by Leafs management so far though, has he?

  • Pent_House

    BPsotka .JVR. From all accounts, him and his family have always been huge leaf fans.

  • Great Dane

    Looking beyond this season it makes perfect sense to sign Franson for two years.
    Most expect that the cap will increase with about 5 million per year the next 3 years, so Losielle and Nonis clearly has a cap management strategy in place and they are not bowing to pressure.
    First they need to move Liles. With the talent for PMD Leafs have they don’t need him.
    Next year Kessel (8.5), Phaneuf (6.8), Bolland(4), Kulemin(3.5) , Gardiner (4) and Reimer (2.9) need to be resigned. Total 30 million

    With a cap of 64.4 million Leafs has 30.4 million available. Add Liles cap hit if 3.8 and an increase of 5 million in the cap, Leafs should have plenty a room to sign all their FAs including Ranger, Colborne etc.

    The following year only Franson and Kadri would need to be resigned so the increase in the cap of additional 5 million will be used for those new contracts.
    So Nonis and Loiselle need to get over the first hurdle and get Franson resigned while moving Liles. After that it looks pretty good IMO.
    However, some of the players on the current roster will have to be moved in the next 1-3 years to make space for Rielly, Percy, Finn, Granberg, Gauthier, Leivo and Nilsson.
    For the first time in many years I would be expecting a juicy return on those players that we would have move to out.

  • lieffan

    Great Dane It is Franson who doesn’t want to sign for 2 years. The Leafs would love to.

  • Great Dane

    @lieffan Sure, I was just trying to explain my view on Nonis and Loiselles thinking.

  • Wardus

    Franson is worth way more than just a first round draft pick IMO. This guy was a beast in the playoffs and 6’5″ two way defenders with snarl are worth their weight in gold. If he was on any other team we would all be talking about how the leafs should be trying to pick him up. Get it done already. The Leafs with Franson in the fold have a much better chance of going deeper into the playoffs than they do without him. Period. Get it done.

  • ionsys

    how much cap space do we gain if we waiver Liles and someone picks him up?
    how much space do we gain if no one picks him up?
    what date do we have to be back under the cap at close?

  • 4evrblue

    ionsys 3.875M
    Start of the season