Maple Leaf Hangout Episode #8: Reimer, Leivo, Rielly


We’re live for episode 8 of the MLHS Hangout.

Tonight’s topics:

– Reimer’s injury
– The turnover problem
– Rielly
– Emergence of Leivo

and more.

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  • DeclanK

    Any questions you have, throw them in here.

  • Cameron19

    I think Michael Stephens just highlighted exactly why some fans think certain players are injury prone – the assumption that if a player is injured every year, they are injury prone. The reality is that most players are injured every year at some point.  It’s a pretty rare breed of player that doesn’t get injured on an annual basis.  So the term’s extensive use seems to primarily come from a lack of understanding about the realities of playing the game nowadays, and the absence of a comparison, as most fans just follow their own team intensely.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Aaron was right on Rielly.

  • Cameron19

    I literally disagree with Stephens on just about everything.

  • rustynail
    Lapierre will miss four more games after sitting out Chicago game last night…be interesting to see what Mcleod gets

  • Burtonboy

    Sending Rielly back is no guarantee he will be a key cog next yr either . The big questionwith Rielly is does his game improve by going back to Jr.

  • Cameron19

    Ugh, Stephens…he’s not going to get a 600K bonus for playing all the games.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Yes, Nik, on puck possession. Bingo

  • rustynail

    Burtonboy thats the whole point isn’t it? will he improve more by staying up or going down.

  • rustynail

    Cameron19 I don;t think that is even legal in the CBA