Maple Leaf Hangout Ep. #10 with special guest James Mirtle


That’s a wrap on Episode 10 of the Maple Leaf Hangout with The Globe and Mail’s James Mirtle.

Topics include:

– Kadri stepping into the first line center spot
– Are the Leafs a real contender for a top seed in the East?
– David Clarkson’s first few games

and more.

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  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    Just got home from work.  Loading my vape….and waiting for the Hangout to start.

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    Here we go…..

  • ReimNier

    Heh.  Cool.  Mirtle.

  • ReimNier

    All the arguments for Bozak are generally defensive.  Kadri is just as good, if not better.  It is IMPORTANT to have as much skill up front.  If Bozak is the anchor of a line with two highly skilled wingers, there’s not going to be much of a different if he centres Lupul and Clarkson / Kulemin.  
    Time to play the crap out of Kadri on the first line.

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    Agreed…Kadri is a lot more creative than Bozak.  Should be interesting to see what he (Kadri) can do.

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    Kadri = Filth

  • Knights2Leafs

    Guys, it’s not Codri, it’s Cad(bury)ri.

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    He does draw quite a few penalties.  Just one of the aspects I love about Kadri’s game.

  • ReimNier

    The other thing is, which Michael is bringing up, Kadri draws a lot of penalties.  On a line with Kessel and JVR, he might draw less because he won’t have the puck as much.  But he does know how to get into position to put the puck on the net.

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    Mirtle is right….we need to increase our puck possession.  42% ain’t gonna cut it over the full season (and definitely not in the playoffs).