Maple Leafs vs. Capitals Pregame Hangout Show


Peter Hasset of Russian Machine Never Breaks, the leading Washington Capitals blog, joins Michael and Michael to tee up tonight’s Capitals/Leafs meeting on HNIC.

The show will be live a little before 6 p.m. EST.

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  • DeclanK

  • SalmingsScar

    I have $400 riding on this game.   Same bet with co-workers.  Last time I won $500. Plan on winning again with the Maple Leafs.

  • mcloki

    I’ll be wearing mine tonight

  • MaxwellHowe

    This is a team the Leafs can beat with good physical play. I hope and expect to see some bangin’.

  • MaxwellHowe

    Gilbey93 MaxwellHowe even better reason to wear them down physically

  • Alec Brownscombe


  • Knights2Leafs

    Wow, that was even worse than I expected from hearing the comments.

  • PepTalk

    Alec Brownscombe You at the game or just live on the site?

  • PepTalk

    Shift_Disturber1 PepTalk Alec Brownscombe Cool! Just droppd my daughter and her beau at the game. They’re excited to watch Grabbo play tonight and to see what kind of trouble he’ll get himself into.

  • wiski

    Shift_Disturber1 Unbelievable