@SharkClubDundas Game Day: Game #76, Red Wings at Maple Leafs


0 points out of 14 in the three-point era NHL is unconscionable, let alone at this time of the season. Even when the Sabres started the season with seven straight losses, they scraped a point out of OT. What is there to say at this point? Even despite all the talk about regression and questions surrounding the sustainability of their earlier success, this is beyond anything that can be easily explained. It’s a total collapse at a time when all the Leafs had to do was scrape out a handful of points to still be in decent shape. It’s ridiculous. It’s hard to imagine anyone feels worse than the players after the position they put themselves in through 67-68 games, but Wow. Wow.

The Leafs play the Red Wings back at home tonight. It’s now at a point where playoffs are unlikely, but what do the Leafs want to be remembered by? Obviously it will be for yet another collapse, but is it going to be 7 games, 8 games, 9 games? 10? What’s going to be the number?

The Leafs have to at least make this interesting rather than disappearing into the off season with their tail between their legs. A win over Detroit, combined with today’s earlier loss by Washington, at least keeps things interesting.

Nothing else is left to be said.

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  • PeterZeroOne

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!

  • Xxxxxnew

    From TSN:
    Luke Schenn was there in 2012 when the Leafs collapsed and knows all too well how quickly the pressure rises in Toronto.
    “Lose a couple in a row and everything magnifies that much more,” he said. “You lose three in a row and people tend to get on you a little bit. All the fans and the media think that everything’s falling apart. That’s just the way it is over there.
    “It’s obviously a tough market to play in when things aren’t going the way you want them to, but it’s a great market when things are going well. There’s always adversity in Toronto. It’s never going to change. I’m sure those guys are going to get through it.”
    Reflecting back to the infamous 18-wheeler skid two years earlier, Schenn couldn’t put his finger on just what wrong.
    “There is no exact reason why. It’s probably a combination of different things. I’d have to go back and look. Obviously, you’re probably getting off to some tough starts in games. Special teams probably weren’t as good as they need to be. At the end of the day – when I was there – it probably just came down to being outcompeted some nights. Obviously, you lose a couple in a row, confidence isn’t always there. That’s just the way it goes. You’ve got to find ways to get out of it.”

  • gjdevlin

    First and foremost, I’m a huge member of the guilty party that drops colossal f bombs and part of me wishes I don’t do that but hey we gotta vent or in other words “vape on” as one member likes to say.

    Firings, trades, demotions – Carlye this Carlye that – Nonis what Nonis that – you can throw them all into the mix at this moment but right now we are on the back of this current 18 wheeler and we just have to ride it out until the season is over. Tonight, Carlye will be behind the bench and everyone will be on the ice. Tonight will take care of itself. The end of the season will take care of itself.

    Admittedly, they have pressed the reset button one too many times in the last few games.

    At this moment for the next seven to five games – the onus isn’t really on us or Carlye or the guys upstairs at this moment. It’s on the players. It’s UP to the players. Players need to play. Need to battle for the puck. Carlye did point out – and I agree 100% – it’s those one on one battles with the pucks that we are losing and he’s RIGHT. They can make a huge difference.

    No one in the Leafs locker room or anyone in Leaf’s Brass will ever see my following question nor will they ever acknowledge it. 
    The ONE simple question I would ask each Leaf player if I was in the dressing room before the game:

    “Do you want to play hockey tonight?”

  • Xxxxxnew

    We’ve only been outshot three times in the last seven losses.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Xxxxxnew  Fallen behind early in all of them

  • Pazzuzzu

    D’miggo call up good, but where is Holland in all of this? I remember when the injuries and suspensions all came down at once, and one of the most effective lines at the time was D’miggo/Clem/Kulie. I also remember Lupul/Holland/Clarkson getting good “O”zone time and some really good looks.
    RC has GOT to mix things up. I’d start with the above and I’d move Kadri on Bollands” right wing with Raymond on the left.
    The D is what it is. I really thinkya have to try and move Dion in the of season.I’d rather take Erhoff at 4-5 million longterm than be stuck with Dion at 7 million longterm, but thats another delemma.
    Anyhow, think RC gotto mix it up like i said above, start rolling 4 lines and let the chips fall where they may.

  • gjdevlin

    Pazzuzzu Why was D’miggo called up? I like the guy – gets dirty in corners and battles hard.

  • gjdevlin

    This twitter caught my attention:

    https://twitter.com/Hope_Smoke: Simmons “I’ve learned that if Clarkson isn’t the least popular player in that Leafs room he is one of them”” hmmmm
    I’m not sure what it means – that Clarkson isn’t liked in the locker room?

  • TheCanucksnaphook

    gjdevlin  what the fuck is this?

  • Pazzuzzu

    gjdevlin Pazzuzzu Ya i like d’migo, he got good wheels and that line with him, Kulie and Clem seemed to have the puck in the offensive zone a lot.