@SharkClubDundas Game Day: Game #77, Flames at Maple Leafs

The crazy timing of Brian Burke’s arrival in Toronto for this game is that it comes amid a collapse similar to the Toronto Maple Leafs‘ in 2011-12 (but worse) and he may hear chants for another coach he hired’s head if this game goes poorly for the home team.

For the Leafs, this is about a salvaging a little bit of pride on home ice and keeping the wolves at bay. An early deficit for the Leafs in this one and it could get ugly inside the ACC.

The Flames have not been an easy out for their opponents, typically. For all they lack in roster talent, Bob Hartley expects a hard-work effort and he gets it most nights. The Flames will be coming in far looser, with nothing to play for (Leafs technically still have a chance at the playoffs), while the Leafs will be gripping their sticks in fear.

Who isn’t predicting goals from Stajan and Colborne in this game?


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  • Pent_House

    Went to Shark Club last saturday, had a blast. Great spot.

  • wiski

    Great artwork LOL

  • wiski

    Pent_House  Did you get the MLHS discount?

  • Pent_House

    wiski Pent_House  nah lol I won some free shots though, and a family member got a chance to open the mystery locker.

  • king leary

    It’s a little maddening to hear the media (and some fans) talk about this as thought it’s the greatest collapse ever. Yes, it’s a complete piss-off, but the timing of the slide with the end of the season really distorts a basic fact we always knew — this team is among the streakiest in the game. That’s because the potential for some of their players is sky-high, but they also lack hockey sense and veteran leadership. A roller-coaster, pinball team with potential to fly sky high and crash and burn within weeks of each other . We knew that at the beginning of the year. And that’s what we did ALL YEAR. They probably expected better (or at least hoped for it). But it didn’t happen and everyone knew it was possible. So you analyze the results, make a few choice moves, and get the hell on with it. All this “throw out everything, start all over” is absolutely ridiculous — especially in media circles. End rant

  • wiski

    Who is that on the hood

  • Alec Brownscombe

    wiski  Steve Simmons in a dunce cap, Burkie’s hood ornament

  • wiski

    Alec Brownscombe wiski  thought it was him lol

  • Jordan29

    So will the leafs sink to a new low and lose to Calgary? Almost impossible you would think

  • Black_Hawk

    Jordan29  no more fitting nail in the coffin no? i mean Burke ending our season in all