One game remains before the Leafs‘ sure to be long and interesting off-season gets underway. First matter of business? The draft lottery for all non-playoff teams, to be held next Tuesday, April 15.

After Toronto’s loss to the Panthers combined with wins by Nashville and Ottawa on Thursday, the Leafs currently hold the 9th overall pick in the draft (remarkable considering they were 9th in the League 20-odd days ago).

The Leafs could still wind up with as high as the 7th overall pick, but a lot of things would have to go right (or wrong, however you want to look at it). The Leafs would have to lose to the Senators in regulation on Saturday, while the Jets would have to win in regulation or overtime in their final game of the season and the Canucks would need to take three of four points in their final two games.

Here are your current odds:

PickLottery Odds
1 - Buffalo25.00%
2 - Florida18.80%
3 - Edmonton14.20%
4 - Calgary10.70%
5 - NY Islanders8.10%
6 - Vancouver6.20%
7 - Carolina4.70%
8 - Toronto3.60%
9 - Winnipeg2.70%
10 - Ottawa2.10%
11 - New Jersey1.50%
12 - Nashville1.10%
13 - Phoenix0.80%
14 - Washington0.50%