NHL Draft Lottery Odds (updated: April 11)


One game remains before the Leafs‘ sure to be long and interesting off-season gets underway. First matter of business? The draft lottery for all non-playoff teams, to be held next Tuesday, April 15.

After Toronto’s loss to the Panthers combined with wins by Nashville and Ottawa on Thursday, the Leafs currently hold the 9th overall pick in the draft (remarkable considering they were 9th in the League 20-odd days ago).

The Leafs could still wind up with as high as the 7th overall pick, but a lot of things would have to go right (or wrong, however you want to look at it). The Leafs would have to lose to the Senators in regulation on Saturday, while the Jets would have to win in regulation or overtime in their final game of the season and the Canucks would need to take three of four points in their final two games.

Here are your current odds:

PickLottery Odds
1 - Buffalo25.00%
2 - Florida18.80%
3 - Edmonton14.20%
4 - Calgary10.70%
5 - NY Islanders8.10%
6 - Vancouver6.20%
7 - Carolina4.70%
8 - Toronto3.60%
9 - Winnipeg2.70%
10 - Ottawa2.10%
11 - New Jersey1.50%
12 - Nashville1.10%
13 - Phoenix0.80%
14 - Washington0.50%


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  • BingoDabber

    We should really hope we wind up in 8th and then trade up for Sam Reinhart.  The center we need.
    I’d take McCann as well.

  • Savo43

    @BingoDabber  Ehlers speed and skill is what i hope we get. Sooooo bloody fast its ridiculous.

  • Great Dane

    We just  have to hope that Preds, Sens and Nucks moves past us.

  • 4evrblue


    I like those odds

    Yes I’m a terrible gambler :(

  • Great Dane

    4evrblue To quote Han Solo: “DON’T tell me the odds”

  • Great Dane

    With 9-10 draft pick Leaf should target Ehlers,but if we win the draft lottery should we trade down?

    There are a number of clubs that want Ekblad so one of them might make a swing at the first overall pick.

  • Savo43

    Great Dane  If we could get Ekblad id stick with that pick. We need a top pairing right handed defenseman, with his size and skillset. Love Ehlers, but if we were that high i’d stay there. Comparisons to Shea Weber, so, that’d be cool with me.

  • NotTheCanucksnaphook

    Lots of fuckin RUNTS in this draft.  That is what I see.

  • 4evrblue

    Savo43 Great Dane Rielly and Ekblad together for the next 10 years would be pretty sweet

  • http://nmwtlandtrust.org/ bob sacamano

    From the Sun:

    “It was like, from the beginning of the season, you could see it if you watched any of their games,” one veteran Tampa Bay Lightning player told the Toronto Sun this week. “They give up too many odd-man rushes and you just can’t survive in an 82-game schedule playing that way in this league.
    “It just seemed like they needed (Jonathan) Bernier to play great every night for them to have a chance to win. It doesn’t work that way. You play that way night in and night out and eventually it’s going to catch up to you. Too many games in the league are tight defensively, now.”