Dave Bolland on TSN 1050

Dave Bolland
Dave Bolland

[Audio]Toronto Maple Leafs upcoming Free Agent Dave Bolland chatted with Dave McCarthy about last season, his injury recovery, the playoffs, his contract status, and what he’s doing this offseason.

  • KurtWhite

    Keep him

  • darthNihilus

    “its all a business” – good so he’ll be going elsewhere. No big loss, he’s only a legend in his own mind. Carlyle is a great coach? Who you shitin’ Dave?

  • phaneufoundlander

    Keep him if the proce is right…if not, so long

  • whalz

    host sounds like Garreth Weeler? He’s a knob. Can’t stand that fkn guy

  • peterbleafs

    Chicago doesnt seem to be missing him.  Game doesnt interest me at all.

  • PEIleafnation

    he basically said hed not take a home town discount…so…

  • donelikedinner

    GOT awesome tonight ! say no more.

  • http://www.xpgames.co/ 1DERYRS

    donelikedinner I’m trying to find it now… lol

  • sniperstar

    PEIleafnation No UFA would say that when in the middle of talks. It would greatly diminish his bargaining power. It is yet to be seen whether he will take a hometown discount or not.

  • TuckerWantsDougieForGM

    ~Keon Yup.  Bolland is worth 6 mil per on max term after tonights game.