Saturday Mashup: NHL Draft Lottery – Connor McDavid or Bust




  • Scooby64

    Just thinking of an interesting possibility for the lottery: if Leafs win, Sabres choose Eichel and this would likely mean years of memorable Sabres vs. Leafs (Eichel vs. McDavid) games.

    If you’ve never prayed before, pray now for a Leafs lottery win – whatever it takes…

  • ninepaces

    so it begins…

  • Burtonboy

  • DeclanK


  • Scotty_8

    Happy Mcdavid day everyone!

  • Mitch92

    The day of reckoning is upon us!

  • MaxwellHowe

    Burtonboy you’d really have to hate a place to turn down a cool $1 million at 18 years old

  • Burtonboy

    DeclanK Burtonboy Ominous . This coulds really have huge implications if he decides to tell teams before the draft I’m not interested .

  • Burtonboy

    MaxwellHowe Burtonboy Maybe his old man is loaded

  • North Kariya

    I’m nervous. Thankfully the raptors and Man United play today so I can take my mind off of the lottery.