In the second half of a back-to-back in Southern California, James Reimer made his return to the Leafs’ net.

Reimer was excellent, managing to keep the game scoreless into the third period. Eventually, Los Angeles’ pressure told, as they got two goals in just over five minutes to take the lead. The Leafs got a quick response to give them some hope, but couldn’t get any closer than that.

It seemed like Toronto got a fair amount of praise for this game, but the chance and possession statistics point a very different story. The Kings dominated possession, and built up a big margin in chances as well. The Leafs were able to generate a good number of chances on the powerplay, but had only six in the entire game at even strength, one of their lowest outputs of the season. The fact they had a chance in this game is down to James Reimer’s strong play. The Kings also had a very clear edge in the neutral zone, as you’d expect given their possession numbers.


It may have been fatigue catching up with the Leafs after five periods of tough hockey in two days, but the Kings came out hot at the start of the third, outchancing the Leafs 6-2 in the first half of the frame, including the two goals. The Leafs weren’t able to generate much at even strength in trying to chase the game, although they did earn some chances with Reimer pulled.

117:4400LakMersch wraparoundES323283334513832444971
113:3700TorBozak from ParenteauES31521344251101232527077
111:2600LakMersch from LecavalierES32328333451103244495271
107:5600LakLucic drivesES315213442513811121732
107:2700LakMuzzin from faceoffSH2344046476811173273
102:4200TorWinnik from reboundES31924263451101112325277
102:0600LakGaborik from KopitarES223283334443811123277
217:2400LakMuzzin wide from PearsonSH2344047526812327077
216:3300LakMersch wide from loose puckSH324263444102327324449
214:4700TorParenteau wide from BozakES1521344244513822327174
213:4400LakLewis drivesES23232834423822327174
212:2500TorBozak wide from loose puckPP3152128344238112332
210:4000TorLupul deflects Holland shotPP1924344347512227325274
208:2900LakKopitar from ToffoliES31521344351101117325273
204:5000LakKing drivesES319242634523822233274
204:3800LakGaborik from CarterES2192434425161227327477
203:2300LakKopitar drivesES2344043444761117273273
202:5900TorLupul drivesES31924263451103244495271
202:2500LakMuzzin wide from faceoffES234434447622273274
200:4900TorParenteau wide from BozakES315213442611273252
200:1600TorKadri drivesPP283443444751627324473
319:4300TorVan Riemsdyk drives widePP315212834421123273252
317:0700LakGOAL! Muzzin from LecavalierES3232833345162732444971
316:3101LakKing wraparound wideES2152134425262223273274
315:1401LakPearson drives wideES21924263451101227327077
314:5701TorHolland deflects Rielly shotES192426344452101227324977
313:4601LakBrown wraparoundES315213442513822233274
312:3201LakLucic from KopitarES2344043444761117273273
311:5501LakGOAL! Carter from GaborikES319242634523812327077
309:5502TorGOAL! Holland from KadriPP19243443475138113273
306:0512LakGaborik drives wideES2152134424461227327077
304:5112LakBrown drives wideES2232428345181011233274
303:1912LakPearson wraparoundES321344244473812327077
303:0012TorBoyes from Van RiemsdykEN215212842516811173273
302:0612TorKadri from RiellyEN1940434447516817222332
301:0912TorBoyes wide from GardinerEN1521284244516811233274

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk3633.3%16:0661.5%38.1%62.5%38.5%

As with the overall numbers, the player chance numbers paint a very grim picture of the Leafs’ night, as most of the team struggled. The one line that came close to staying even was Daniel Winnik with Peter Holland and Joffrey Lupul, who matched up against Dustin’s Brown line. Those three were the best Leafs forwards in chance differential, and were the only were able to win the neutral zone, although they did not prevent many controlled entries.

Tyler Bozak’s line was shuffled around between assignments, and also managed to generate some offense, but weren’t able to defend effectively.

The bad line was the fourth line, as new arrival Vincent Lecavalier and Michael Mersch were particularly effective against Shawn Matthias, Brad Boyes, and Mark Arcobello. Matthias and Boyes were both a -6 in chances in just seven minutes, despite not getting a defensive zone start. Nazem Kadri’s line, matched against Anze Kopitar, was also not able to produce any chances, but they weren’t as bad defensively as the bottom line.

Roman Polak’s game misconduct left the defensive pairings in some disarray, and put the rest of the team under some serious pressure. Matt Hunwick had the worst of it, finishing a team worst -10 and not on for a single Leaf ES chance in his 19 minutes. Morgan Rielly was able to put up better numbers than his regular partner, and his -4 was the best of any of the high-use defenceman.

Dion Phaneuf and Jake Gardiner, who weren’t nearly as protected as they often have been this season, also had tough nights, but at least they managed to be on for some Leaf offensive chances. Martin Marincin’s -2 was the best on the backend, but one of those chances against turned out to be the winning goal.