The Islanders and Toronto exchanged goals throughout the game, with neither side holding a lead for more than a few minutes.

This included late in the third, as William Nylander tied the game with less than two minutes remaining. As with the Buffalo game, the result was decided in a shootout, but this time it was Toronto with the decisive goal as Nikita Soshnikov scored the winner.


The two teams were almost level in Corsi in the first part of the game, but in the last half of the second period Toronto carried the play and opened up a big advantage. A similar pattern was seen in chances, with the Leafs finishing ahead. The two teams had the same number of zone entries, but the Leafs were more effective at entering with control.

After those two close periods, the third was a blowout, with Toronto allowing only a single Islander chance while generating ten themselves. Unfortunately for the Leafs, that one chance ended up being a go-ahead goal, and could have ended up costing them until Nylander’s late answer.

117:2000NyiKulemin from OkposoES823263138511211215586
115:3100TorKadri drivesES3141434447521314182991
115:2000NyiStrait from NielsenES2023262931381612213751
113:1700TorMichalek wide from GardinerES818243140511314151753
111:5300NyiTavares drivesES8263143475111221375591
111:5200NyiGOAL! Tavares from reboundES8263143475111221375591
111:1101TorRielly drivesES1115293139441311142786
108:5801NyiNielsen drivesES1115202931391212215155
108:3301TorGOAL! Hyman from GreeningES1131383944521217215155
107:2211TorSoshnikov wraparoundES3141434447521314182991
100:4711TorKadri from MarincinES314143444752136182991
216:1211TorLaich wraparoundES2326314344521218295355
215:4611NyiNelson wide from StromeES3141434447521314182991
214:4111NyiGrabner from MichalekES1824314051521612213751
210:2111NyiLee wide from loose puckSH11314447521221275191
210:0411TorNylander from reboundES81531395113121429
209:1511TorGOAL! Rielly from KadriPP29314143444713153753
207:3121NyiTavares drivesES3141434447521621375191
207:0622NyiGOAL! Leddy drivesES1115313951521212275586
204:5222TorGreening deflects Marincin shot wideES2326313844521314151753
204:4722TorGreening wraparoundES2326313844521314151753
202:1322NyiKulemin deflects Hickey shotES811153139511312142786
315:3622TorLaich from loose puckES823263138511611153753
313:0322TorMichalek deflects Gardiner shotPP15182431395113145186
310:5822TorHyman drives wideES81115315116182937
308:1822TorMichalek from HollandES815182431511218295155
308:1722TorParenteau from reboundES815182431511218295155
305:3622TorCarrick from reboundES818243140511218295155
305:1922NyiGOAL! Strome drivesES815182431511611183751
303:2423TorNylander wide from HymanES811153139511312215155
302:3723TorHolland drivesPP15182431395113375186
301:2623TorParenteau wide from HollandEN15394344475113145186
301:1323TorGOAL! Nylander from reboundEN15394344475113145186
404:1523NyiTavares from LeddyES31394447125191
404:1323NyiTavares drivesES31394447125191
403:2023TorSoshnikov wide from ParenteauES15314152131221
402:2823TorRielly drivesES24314044131221
401:3223TorRielly drives wideES31434447125191
400:1823NyiNielsen drivesES153139441142951

Leafs Player Data


The top line went head-to head with John Tavares’ line and mostly held their own, with Nazem Kadri and Nikita Soshnikov finishing just above even in chances while winning a lot of controlled entries. They weren’t the most effective line, as that title went to Peter Holland with Milan Michalek and Michael Grabner. This trio played about ten ES minutes, and was used against most of the Isles lines. They were easily the best at preventing controlled entries, and also managed to limit the chances against. William Nylander again had some of the weaker chance numbers, which were weighed down by his shifts in overtime.

T.J. Brennan drew into the lineup, playing with Frank Corrado, and that pair had a very quiet night, not on for much action in their ten minutes of ES time. That placed a much heavier burden on the other defencemen. Connor Carrick did very well, as he played well over 20 ES minutes with Jake Gardiner and finished in the positive in chances. The top pairing was Morgan Rielly and Martin Marincin, who were effective against the Tavares line and did well against the other units.