The Toronto Maple Leafs have moved quickly to sign new goaltending acquisition Frederik Andersen to a five-year contract extension worth $25 million.

The extension buys four years of unrestricted free agency eligibility.

This will be a hotly debated move in the days and months to come. The Leafs have acquired a goaltender with just 125 games of career experience – albeit with promising numbers that rank him top 20 in the league since 2013-14 (minimum 90 games played) – at the price of two top 60 picks before signing him long term at a price of $5 million per year.

It’s certainly a confidently aggressive move, one that suggests not just that the Leafs like Andersen’s potential to become a good year-in, year-out starter, but that they’re sold on it enough already to lock him down as their guy of the future as the team moves toward their (hypothetical) competitive window.

There is plenty to like about Andersen’s size (6’4, 218) and short(ish) history in the League. He checks all the boxes for what you want in a starter in today’s NHL. He’s been consistent over three seasons in the NHL and competently carried the bulk of the workload for Anaheim last season over 54 games. The fact that his workload decreased slightly in 2015-16 was more to do with a few injuries and John Gibson’s promise than it does with Andersen taking a step back, and he wrestled the starter’s position back from the game-one starter with some great playoff performances this past Spring. His numbers were, in fact, improved over the year previous (.914 to .919).

Here is how his numbers stack up league wide since he entered the league in 2013-14, minimum 90 games played:

Carey PriceMTL27201320163137137883811288414638580.931
Cory SchneiderNJD28201320163172169697127358468643280.924
Cam TalbotTOT27201320163113106544210247324629990.924
Brian ElliottSTL29201320163118108672811227294427170.923
Ben BishopTBL282013201631861821124816392505046580.922
Corey CrawfordCHI30201320163174171995420385491245270.922
Tuukka RaskBOS272013201631921871015827428550650780.922
Henrik LundqvistNYR32201320163174172985815403508346800.921
Roberto LuongoTOT35201320163179177886125408513347250.921
Steve MasonPHI26201320163166161745528385484344580.921
Semyon VarlamovCOL26201320163177174965917435551850830.921
Braden HoltbyWSH252013201631871831124421424532148970.92
Petr MrazekDET22201320163928145298191239422030.92
Marc-Andre FleuryPIT302013201631861861085520428527048420.919
Martin JonesTOT25201320163999453346205254123360.919
Frederik AndersenANA25201320163125114772612271330530340.918
Jake AllenSTL25201420162847648227180216919890.917
Sergei BobrovskyCBJ2620132016314614377569362438040180.917
Jaroslav HalakTOT29201320163147145854315334404237080.917
Jonathan QuickLAK292013201631891881036222405489944940.917
Craig AndersonOTT33201320163148147705221398472943310.916
Devan DubnykTOT28201320163159152795813368439940310.916
Ryan MillerTOT34201320163155155716914398471743190.916
Jonathan BernierTOR26201320163151140596817393463642430.915
Chad JohnsonTOT28201320163918047288209246622570.915

We do know, however, that it’s awfully hard to project goalies without a sizeable body of work to go on, and that’s especially the case when you take one from a good team with a deep defence group and transplant him onto a worse team (in the immediate term) with holes on the blueline.

If the term and salary raised a few eyebrows, there’s also the question of acquisition cost. The fact that it’s technically the first round pick — 30th overall — instead of the second round pick — 31st overall — should mean nothing to anybody. And this is important to keep in mind:

For the reasons stated in the above tweets, there’s more reason to be concerned with the term of the contract the Leafs immediately handed Andersen than the acquisition cost. That said, two top 60 picks for an RFA goaltender in a year when we were told it would be a buyers market to the extreme for goaltenders – especially with the expansion draft looming for next June, leading some to think a bargain buy was realistic – is probably a little more than most thought the Leafs would have to give up for Andersen. No one will care in the slightest about two 30-60th overall picks if the Leafs, a team replete with draft picks, have acquired a quality NHL goaltender here. The bigger question mark is that the Leafs have contractually committed to Andersen like he’s the one, even though it’s hard to confidently declare that to be the case based on what we know today.

For what it’s worth, while their trajectories in the most recent season past are significantly different and that of course matters, Jonathan Bernier stacks up with a .915 compared to Andersen’s .918 since 2013.

It’s certainly an aggressive move at a position that was in major need of addressing for the organization going forward. Have your say below.