Mike Babcock addressed the media after his team’s come-from-behind 4-2 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday evening, moving the Leafs to the top of the NHL standings (15-6-0) with their fourth win in a row.

On the team’s ability to fight back from 2-0 down to get the win:

It looked we were going to get out of the first 1-0. I thought that was great. Obviously, we were skating in mud there. We weren’t going very good. Sign of a good team… We had good goaltending, and it’s a sign of a good team that you’re able to kind of get yourself gathered when you had no legs and get playing and just stick with it and find a way to win.

I thought Lindy’s line did a real good job for us tonight and then the guys kind of came alive. We found a way to win. But without Freddy, it doesn’t happen.

On Tyler Ennis getting the come back started and his improved play on the fourth line of late:

I think he’s a real good person. We like him. He’s got good speed. He’s got some skill on the power play. It hasn’t shown up in points for him, but it will. It’s always nice when a guy like that gets goals so that it means he gains a little bit more confidence and it’ll start going in for him. He hit the post and the other night in Anaheim, he was in home free wide open in front of the net and missed the net.  As his confidence comes back, he’ll start to score a little bit. So that’s good for him.

On Morgan Rielly continuing to take strides as he proves himself as a number-one defenseman in the league:

He’s coming, obviously. He just keeps getting better. He’s still a kid. It’s hard to be real consistent and real good defensively and offensively every night when you’re a kid on the backend. But he made a real good play. Obviously, Hyms and Tavares and Mitchy had it set up because Hyms took the draw and ended up going to the net there for him. Good play and a big goal, obviously, for us.