Details are emerging about the disorderly conduct — disruptive behavior charge Auston Matthews is facing in the state of Arizona related to a May 2019 incident at Matthews’ condominium complex in Scottsdale.

Allegedly intoxicated after a night of drinking with friends, it is alleged Matthews and his friends attempted to open the car door of a female security officer named Fayola Dozithee at 2 a.m. in the morning, startling the officer and initiating a confrontation. Here are the details from the police report courtesy of the Toronto Star:

On May 28, 2019 at approximately 1425 hours, I was working as a patrol officer in full duty uniform when I was dispatched to the Distract II lobby reference a sex crime. Additional comments stated an assault and public sexual indecency occurred on Sunday in the parking lot of the [redacted] Condos located at [redacted].

Upon arrival at the District II lobby I met with the RP, Fayola Dozithee. Fayola told me the following. Fayola said she works for [redacted] Agency as a security guard and was working at the [redacted] Condos on May 26, 2019 at about 2am when this incident occurred. She continued to say that her first interaction with the resident and his friends was on May 25, 2019 at about 11pm.  She further added she was able to identify the resident as Auston Matthews who resides in the building.

Fayola said she noticed the group of guys leaving the complex at about 11pm on the 25 of May. She performed her normal duties at the Condo and then about 2am on May 26, she had sat in her vehicle as she normally does to complete some paperwork. As she was sitting in her vehicle, she heard what sounded like her car door attempting to be opened. She said she always sits in her vehicle with the door locked due to the time and her being a female. As she heard this, she looked back and noticed some movement outside the window. Fayola therefore jumped out of her vehicle to find out who was trying to get in her car.

After she exited her vehicle, she noticed it was Auston and his friends. She stated she confronted them and the response from Auston was they wanted to see what she would do and they believed it would be funny to see how she would respond. Fayola found this very disturbing and put her on edge. Fayola said  she told Auston and his friends, “I am a female, I am a military vet with  severe PTSD.” She also told them it wasn’t funny and how could they think it would be funny to try to get in a female’s vehicle at 2am in the morning. Fayola did add that the group of males appeared to be intoxicated.

She continued to say that Auston still would say that he thought it was funny. Fayola said she then began to tell them to just leave. Auston’s friend then stepped in and tried to calm Fayola down and also asked her not to tell management.  As the friend was speaking to Fayola, she said Auston began to walk away and after he walked some distance, Auston pulled down his pants, bent over, and grabbed his butt cheeks. I tried to clarify with Fayola if she saw skin or was he wearing underwear. Fayola said she knew he had his boxers on, and she did not see his butt.

Fayola then stated that after they all left she continued with her work and at about 2:30am she was doing her rounds and came upon one of Auston’s friends who was also with a female. The friend again asked Fayola if she was going to notify management at which time she said that there are cameras that captured them and management will be advised.

During our conversation, Fayola appeared to be very disturbed over the situation. She also mentioned a few times that she was a female sitting in her car, who knows what they intended to do and the fact that it was more than one guy. I also explained to her that the crime we had was disorderly conduct and she said she wanted to press charges against Auston. I explained to her that I would attempt to contact Auston as well [redacted]. Fayola also made a comment something to the fact of no one should be put through that type of situation.

This concluded my contact with Fayola.

Auston Matthews charged with disorderly conduct

The Toronto Maple Leafs released a statement acknowledging the complaint but declined further comment:

The Toronto Maple Leafs are aware of the complaint of disturbing the peace against forward Auston Matthews. Auston is cooperating fully with the relevant authorities but neither he nor the Club will comment any further out of respect for the process involved.

The news broke just eight days before the beginning 2019-20 regular season, with many in the media speculating Matthews is due to receive the captaincy before opening night. When the team became aware of this news and the details of the allegations is unknown at this time.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. The complaint was filed by the prosecutor, a summons was issued, and an arraignment was set on Monday, September 23. Matthews has a pretrial conference scheduled for Wednesday, September 25 in Scottsdale at 11:30 a.m. ET, but he is not required to appear in court.