In celebration of the Leafs’ first division title since 2000, MLHS has released Kings of the North apparel ahead of the team’s 2021 playoff run!

Designed by artist Andrew Nguyen, this first edition of the KoTN line includes a coat of arms featuring eight of your favourite Leafs players: Matthews, Tavares, Nylander, Marner, Simmonds, Thornton, Spezza, and Campbell.

Kings of the North Leafs T Shirts

In addition to a standalone Kings of the North design, each player’s coat of arms can be purchased as its own shirt with the KoTN collection on the back. Hoodies, t-shirts, long-sleeve T-shirts, and crewneck sweaters are available in a variety of colours in our store catalogue.

Collect all of your favourites below.

The Wayne Train

All aboard! Next stop: Scarborough Town Centre.



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The Naked Jumbo

A Hall of Famer on and off the ice, Jumbo is always baring his cheeks in the dressing room around the boys. Now he can be naked on a T-shirt, crewneck, or hoodie of your choice.

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The Papi

Featuring the signature stache of the man with so much goal-scoring panache.

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The Mitchy

Mitchy Marns is a magician with a twig in his mitts.

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The Willy Styles

This Swedish beauty can pull off a toque with even the most formal of game day looks.

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The Soupy

Jack Campbell has been soup for the Leafs‘ soul this season at the goaltending position.

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The Vintage

Mississauga’s finest.

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Captain Pyjamas

Celebrating Johnny T fulfilling his boyhood dream of captaining the Blue and White.

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Kings of the North

The full collection.

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