Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens
Photo: USA Today Sports

In Episode 15 of the MLHS Podcast, Ian Tulloch and Anthony Petrielli preview the Leafs vs. Habs series, the playoff lineup, the continued struggles on the power play (and adjustments for playoffs), and debate which Leafs player has the most riding on the upcoming postseason.

Episode Overview

  • First reactions to a Leafs vs. Habs round-one playoff series (2:15)
  • If the Habs’ 5v5 numbers are so good, why is their record so mediocre? (4:30)
  • Breaking down Leafs vs. Habs matchups & line configurations (11:15)
  • Ian and Anthony’s starting four Leafs playoff lines + who are the odd men out? (27:00)
  • The continued struggles of the power play, digging into the 5v4 numbers (38:10)
  • Possible back-pocket adjustments on the power play for the playoffs (45:50)
  • Sheldon Keefe’s preparation for the playoffs and coaching decisions to come (49:00)
  • Who is Ian and Anthony’s third pairing on defense with everyone healthy? (1:06:50)
  • Which Leaf has the most riding on the playoffs? (1:08:05)