In Episode 20 of the MLHS Podcast, the guys from the Back to Excited Podcast, Arvind and Acting the Fulemin, joined Anthony Petrielli and Ian Tulloch to dissect the disappointing season that was for the Toronto Maple Leafs and where yet another first-round exit leaves the team and the fan base moving forward.

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Episode Overview

  • What the hell happened to the Leafs in 2020-21? (1:50)
  • Is there something about the Leafs top players’ (specifically Mitch Marner’s) style of play that makes them easier to gameplan at playoff time? (11:45)
  • The debate around breaking up the core, trading Mitch Marner, and shaking up the team’s roster composition/cap allocation (17:00)
  • The re-signing of Wayne Simmonds, the team’s bottom-six makeup, and the challenge of improving the forward depth within the existing cap structure (20:30)
  • What is the “it” factor that is seemingly missing with this team? (34:30)
  • How hard is it going to be to get “up” for the next regular season? (40:00)
  • On the importance of building a good third line and potentially spreading out the Big 4 across three lines (45:00)
  • The team’s ice-time allocation to its top players and the value of rolling lines in the playoffs (58:30)
  • Sorting through the mess that is the Leafs‘ power play (1:01:50)
  • The team’s (over?)confidence in its core, how it imbues coaching and management decisions, and Keefe’s coaching performance through two playoff series (1:12:00)
  • Can a team acquire or develop “killer instinct?” (1:20:00)