Photo: Dan Hamilton/USA Today Sports

In this week’s MLHS Podcast, Nick Ashbourne and Anthony Petrielli discuss the final terms of William Nylander’s contract, the importance of retaining star talent, the hole on the left wing, and much more.

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Episode Overview

  • Reactions to the final Nylander contractual terms: eight years, $92 million (0:45)
  • The role of internal precedents in the Nylander contract negotiation, Marner’s next contract, and the importance of retaining stars (14:00)
  • The team’s four-game winning streak and the lineup decisions heading into a tougher stretch of the schedule (22:20)
  • The need for one more forward of consequence on the Leafs’ roster and Nick Robertson’s unclear role/ future with the team (29:30)
  • A potential trade target in Calgary to address the Leafs’ hole at left wing (34:00)
  • Does the fourth line need an upgrade? (39:40)
  • The recent play of the Leafs’ defense and the improved defensive play overall (43:50)
  • Ilya Samsonov rejoining the team, Dennis Hildeby not receiving a start, and the plan in net going forward (47:40)