In the latest MLHS Podcast, Nick Ashbourne and Anthony Petrielli reflect on this week’s games vs. the Islanders and Stars before checking in on the rest of the Atlantic Division.

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Episode Overview

  • Takeaways from the Leafs‘ loss to the Islanders and win over the Stars (1:15)
  • Is the power play fixed after the three-for-three game vs. Dallas? (5:00)
  • Pontus Holmberg’s impact and his play at center vs. the Stars (11:20)
  • Sheldon Keefe’s post-game comment about matchups vs. the Islanders (13:00)
  • How threatening are the Bruins? (24:00)
  • How threatening are the Panthers? (28:00)
  • How threatening are the Lightning? (33:40)
  • A brief discussion on the buy vs. sell debate (40:00)
  • How threatening are the Red Wings? (45:35)
  • Anticipating the first-round playoff matchup possibilities (49:30)